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Service Management

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Critically discuss service management issues for the hospitality industry

Role of the Employees in the service industry

Title of Report: Service Strategies


1. Select an organisation within the hospitality industry (e.g., hotel, restaurant, cafe etc.)

2. Please note: Do not use a franchised organisation for the purpose of this assignment (e.g.,Muffin Break; Coffee Club; Burger King). Introduce the organisation to give the audience an understanding of the organisations characteristics and context for the presentation

a) While it is not expected that you have access to internal and/or confidential information, you will need to choose an organisation that enables you to access sufficient information to complete this assignment. This may be an organisation you work at or have previously worked at, or an organisation that you are familiar with and have access to public information, for example, an internet site and/or site visit.

3. Identify a service offering within your chosen organisation and map out the process that the customer and staff go through to complete the transaction. For example, the process you use could include, the offering of food and beverage, the checking in of a guest at a hotel reception, the dining of a guest at a buffet, the dining of a group of guests at a restaurant on a limited menu, or any other service that involves guest and employee interaction and provides you with the scope to meet the requirements of this assessment.

4. Incorporate either a service blueprint or a GAP model to show the service standards that needs to be met for your chosen service offering, to meet the objectives of the organisation and guests. Include in this section a discussion of the amount of service standardisation and customisation that is designed in to the service process. Identify at least three (3) hard and three (3) soft standards that apply to the service process and discuss the significance of these standards.

5. Discuss the role of the employees in the service process. Outline in this section the skills and capabilities that employees need, to provide the service and achieve the requirements of the three hard and soft service standards previously discussed.

6. Discuss the role of the customer in the service encounter and outline how they participate in the service encounter.

7. Prepare detailed formal report

Learning Outcomes

1. Identify key elements of service management theory and practice

2. Critically discuss service management issues for the hospitality industry

3. Prepare a plan to obtain customers feedback and assess service quality within a hospitality context

4. Develop and explain customer-defined service standards

5. Formulate strategies for effective service delivery to meet stakeholder goals and expectations.

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