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Sentence Outline

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Sentence Outline

Deliverable Length: Outline: 1-2 pages; Visual plan: 1-2 paragraphs

Even the most superficial of presentations calls for some kind of preparation. An “elevator speech,” which summarizes a topic in minutes, if not seconds, calls for lightning thought and reflexive application of the rhetorical triangle, grammar, outlining, content knowledge, and logic as you are standing there. For more elaborate and considered presentations, you should reflect on your topic and on the implications and potential for your message. If presenting yourself, you want to be seen as a mature professional and in the best light. If presenting discipline-related material, you want to be seen as a mature and reflective professional, who has not only laid out a mechanical and logical outline of the material, but who has linked the material, with meaning, to the audience.

For this Individual Project, you will create a sentence outline for a presentation and informally share your ideas for approaching the visual elements of a presentation.

Using your thoughts from earlier in the course and your elevator speech ideas, create a sentence outline for a 10-minute presentation about a discipline-related topic in which you propose a small project or professional action to an audience of mid-level executives.

The outline should indicate the flow and content for your anticipated presentation.

Incorporate an introduction of yourself, and link your background, experience, goals, and education to the topic. Imagine that the audience has not met you or that they do not know you very well. Assume that your own strengths and abilities, including your university studies, will be key and important to the success of your proposal for the project. Be sure the outline reflects solid organization and process.

After you complete the outline, add a paragraph or two sharing your initial thought process for determining visual support for your presentation. Consider color choice, font choice, use of white space, layout, and so on.

My life’s story began at the age of 22 when
I had to care for individuals and groups of individuals as well as families who
lack the ability of caring for themselves, not knowing that one day I would
someday need similar help. So let me put it this way, “I sometimes have to have
someone to help me make it through a day on into the next.” I see this
helplessness on a daily basis because I work in hospice care and I see end of
life situations on a weekly basis. “Not saying that I have been to the point of
end of life, but I’ve been in situations to where I’ve definitely needed
professional healthcare myself, just not to that extent.” In the healthcare
industry, from Certified Nursing Aide to top surgeons we are all limited. That
brings me to this point to where I am today and how those experiences has
shaped me thus far professionally. As far as those experiences taking part in
my university experience, I beginning to realize why I’m so dedicated to
achieving my academic endeavors.

I’ve experienced thus far in life has definitely prepared me for what I’m
currently doing now as a student at AIU. Achieving and accomplishing this
degree with all intentions of being successful at management in my respected
area of degree. Healthcare Management (Specializing in Gerontology).

far as formal and informal presentations, I do them on a daily basis with as
much passion as possible because life is precious, especially to those who
realize it’s about to end. There is only so much that I can say or do, but what
I say and do will always be professionally done.

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