Jul 22, 2017

Security and Safety Measures for the Building and Staff

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Security and Safety Measures for the Building and Staff


Town Centre and Workplace Safety: Part Two - Workplace Safety (UBHM8V-15-M)
Title: Recommended security and safety measures for the building and staff of a new company.
Assignment Brief and Guidance
A small company is setting up their office in an area that you are familiar with. The company has heard mixed reports about contracting security staff versus employing their own security staff. For this assignment we would like you to assume the role of a crime/community safety consultant who has been charged with providing recommendations to the new business (approx 150 employees) with regard to their security arrangements for the office and the people who will come into contact with the building (i.e. staff and/or customers). We understand that this may be difficult without the exact knowledge of the business in question and we would encourage you to develop the profile of the business in question to support your recommendations. Remember though that this is a piece of work that requires a strategic rather than a practical approach (and therefore detailed actions are not required).

Security and Safety Measures for the Building and StaffNameInstitutionCourseTutorDateThere are a number of factors that a company or an entrepreneur ought to critically think about before settling on starting an extension of a business or even starting an entirely new business in a particular area. These are factors that determine the performance and growth of the company. Among these factors, security is one of the crucial ones. Security in this context includes the security of the business premises, which is the building and all its offices as well as the safety of the persons expected to come into contact with the building; both the customers and the staff. This is because a secure and crime free working environment will lead to both the staff and the customers feeling comfortable while in the workplace. This in turn will result in the better performance of the staff as well as a welcoming environment for the customers hence affecting the business positively (U.S Department of Labour, n.d.). Matters concerning the field of security can however be confusing at times to small companies trying to break ground in new areas. This is the case especially when evaluating on whether to contract security staff or employ their security staff. Using the example of a consulting company that deals with the offering of consulting services, we will look at what to consider before deciding on whether to contract or hire security staff as well as the security arrangements for a safe and secure workplace environment.To begin with, the security of employees of a business is very crucial to its performance and is, therefore, one of those subjects to take keen interest on, when dealing with. Here the business has to look into matters such as workplace violence. According to the Health and Safety Executive (1996), workplace violence is any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work. In order for a company to adequately provide security for its staff, it has to have policies on this subject, as well as be able to implement them. This is because it is the responsibility of an employer to identify and manage the risk of workplace violence according (Health and Safety Executive [HSF], n.d.). However, for a business to be able to prevent workplace violence, it has to be able to understand the different kinds and types of such violence that its staff are at a high risk of experiencing. This is because there are different types of workplace violence. In addition, the employers should also, be able to understand the risks involved in the kind of business they are operating. This is because different kinds of business are faced with different kind of workplace violence. For instance, the kind of workplace violence that staff in a convenience store are at a risk of experiencing is likely to be different to that which the workers in a factory are likely to experience.First, it is important to identify the kind of work...

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