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Seated Harp Player

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Seated Harp Player


Part 1 When you look at ancient art, particularly ancient sculpture of a human form, you see progression in how the body is represented. For this assignment, find 3 different sculptures of the human form, all from the ancient period (created between 30,000 BCE and 500 CE), which indicate a progression of movement. For example, your first sculpture may be largely stationary or still, the second may show some motion, while the third would show an active human body. You may choose examples of sculpture from any of the following museums: •A New York art museum •A Paris museum •Select galleries in a Washington, DC museum •A Boston Museum Paste small images of all 3 sculptures into a Word document, and include details about each work: the title of each sculpture, the artist (if known), the year made, the materials used, and the size of the work. Be sure to include a reference for each work, showing which museum it was found in. Present 2 or 3 paragraphs for each work that clearly describe what the viewer sees and the content of each work. Finally, choose 3 adjectives (for each work) that express the core ideas of what the works were intended to communicate or convey to the viewer. Part 2 Create a simple drawing of each sculpture. Draw a line down each work to indicate the center of balance. Use arrows or lines with arrows to indicate the direction of motion and movement within the sculpture. Scan or photograph your drawings and paste them into the Word document from Part 1. You can insert images into documents by placing the cursor where you want the image to be, going to “Insert,” then choosing “Picture,” and selecting the picture from your computer. Be sure to scan or photograph your drawing first and upload it to your computer. If using your phone camera, you may be able to email the image to yourself and copy it from email. Submit 1 Word document for this assignment. You are required to comply with APA style format for quotations, internal citations, and a reference list. For additional information and resources on APA style, visit the APA section of the Library, which is available under Library Features


Art Name Course Instructor Date Seated harp player  Seated harp player, ca. 2800–2700 b.c.; Early Cycladic I–II Cycladic; Grotta-Pelos culture Adapted form  HYPERLINK "http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/47.100.1" http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/47.100.1 Adjectives: flawless, gifted, and impressive The work representing Cycladic art is made of marble, with particular emphasis on the arms and hands, playing the exceptionally large harp. Additionally, the harp player sits on an elaborate chair. On the surface it appears as though the musician is male more assocaited with plating music in the public arena at the time. In any case the modeling suggests that the artists sought to depict the work of musicians seated


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