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Science of Consumer Behaviour

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Science of Consumer Behaviour


Choosing a holiday can be a major consumption decision, subject to many competing influences. This assignment requires you to look at the holiday destination choices of 3 people, and provide your analysis on those factors leading to their decisions. Firstly, please download the 5 survey questionnaires completed by 5 different respondents (these questionnaires will be posted on Moodle from Week 5). After reading through these questionnaires, please pick 3 questionnaires/respondents (you can pick any 3 you like) as the target for your analysis. You will notice that these questionnaires are mainly about making decisions among 6 different holiday options. Secondly, please use the theoretical areas below to analyse the behaviour of your chosen respondents. Please explain the differences between their rankings of evaluative criteria and their choices of holiday destinations, using theories from: Personality Demographics (age, gender, family situation, income, ethnicity etc) Lastly, please provide recommendations to the marketer of ANY ONE of the holiday options featured in the survey questionnaires - what are the characteristics of her/his likeliest customers and how might she/he best attract them by applying the theories of learning and memory? Your argument and analysis in this report requires theoretical support from a minimum of 10 journal article references. Assessment Criteria Report structure, writing style, and referencing - 10 marks Analyse the behaviour of chosen respondents using the theories of personality - 10 marks Analyse the behaviour of chosen respondents using the theories of demographics - 10 marks Recommendations - 10 marks Theoretical support (from at least 10 journal articles) - 10 marks Total - 50 marks


Science of Consumer Behaviour Name Course Instructor Date Behaviour and theories of personality Then motivation theories explain the consumer choice of holiday destination, where people make decisions based on what they know, what they seek to explore and what has been offered by the travel destination. Respondents 1, 4, and 5 indicated that the cost implication and activities involved were the elements that were identified as they most likely to influence their behaviour to choose a destination. The trait theory can help explain how consumer choice behaviour since the people have different personalities that influence how they make personal choices. Respondents who were interested in adventure and openness to new experiences were most likely to choose holiday decisions when they had the opportunity, money and time. Additionally, those who sought adventures during their holiday destinations were more likely to be aroused and excited, and hence the propensity for adventure recreation. Tourists mainly choose travel destinations for leisure purposes, while others also choose activity based holidays, respondent 4 and 5 choose option 3 in New Zealand where there was a cruise ship experience. On the other hand, respondent 1, a 19 year old male chose option 2 for a guided tour of Las Vegas including casinos. Even as people expressed the desire to have fun in a quiet or new place, the excitement was a big factor in this. This motivates holidaymakers to be away fro...

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