Scenario-based Program Review Study

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Scenario-based Program Review Study

I am working on a project on the subject of curtailing child maltreatment and prevention programs and services for abused and neglected children. Agencies that provide services to abusive and neglectful families have the ethical obligation to ensure that their services are effective. Following the scenario below how would you change the entire program.
Identify the type of intervention you would explore and what would identify as the research question to determine the efficacy of this type of intervention model for the program. Would you make this a qualitative or quantitative study and how would you recommend that this data is collected. Identify how the study will impact Child Protection Services (CPS) and human services practitioners.

â?¢ Problem formulation.
â?¢ Design of the study (qualitative or quantitative).
â?¢ Collecting and processing data.
â?¢ Data analysis.
â?¢ Interpreting the findings.
â?¢ Identify limitations.
â?¢ Identify the wider impact on CPS and human services practitioners.

SCENARIO : Suppose, for example, you are the executive director of a child welfare agency that provides family preservation services. The agency`s primary goal is to keep families together by providing support services to families at risk of having their children removed from the home as the result of child maltreatment. To receive funding, 90% of the families served must remain intact. During an agency audit last month, it was discovered that 20% of the children served last year were removed from the home. This figure is 10% higher than the required goal. As a result, the agency was placed on suspension: The agency will receive funding for one more year, and if the percentage of intact families does not increase to meet the required goal, funding will be terminated. As the executive director, you must act immediately, but you are uncertain what to do. Several in-service training programs have been developed already. You consider implementing one of them, but you are not sure what the purpose of the training would be. You could do the following:

â?¢ Simply pick a program.
â?¢ Talk to other executive directors to see what they chose to do and how they felt about it.
â?¢ Read journals to see if any of the programs have had their results evaluated.

How would you change the program entirely and determine what type of intervention you would recommend?

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