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Runway Safety

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Reality episode 8: Runway Safety: Quincy, IL.


This is for the 8th episode only Write a response style paper reflecting each chapter of the Managing Risk textbook. (10, ONE page papers) This is to be a “real-life” style response, focusing on each chapter’s topic. Use statistics, accident reports, prevention data, real-life incidents, etc. Describe the best countermeasures that you as a pilot can use to mitigate these risks. Each response must encompass a minimum of two pages (font: 11; line spacing 1.15) and clearly present the problem and explain the best-practice countermeasure, documenting your answer. This is not an opinion paper. books required are... Wilson, D., & Binnema, G. (2014) Managing risk: Best practices for pilots. New castle, WA: Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-61954-109-2 Federal Aviation Administration (2009). Risk management handbook. Oklahoma City, OK: Author. ISBN-13: 978-1782661634. (Downloadable for free)

Reality episode 8: Runway Safety: Quincy, IL.Name:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:Reality episode 8: Runway Safety: Quincy, IL.On 19th November 1996, United Express flight 5925 collided with Beechcraft King Air, as flight 5926, near Quincy, Illinois, at Quincy Municipal Airport. King Air was in the process of taking off on runway 04 while flight 5925 was on runway 13 and it was about to complete its landing roll. The two aircrafts collided at the place where the two runways were intersecting (AOPA, 2014). The two crewmembers and 10 passengers who were on flight 5925 and the other two individuals on King Air died. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, one of the main factors that contributed to this accident was failure by the King Air A90 pilots to monitor effectively the normal traffic advisory frequency. The pilots failed to appropriately scan for traffic and this prompted them to initiate a takeoff roll when flight 5925 was in the process of landing at the intersecting runway.Another important factor that contributed to this accident was the fact that radio transmission of Cherokee pilot was interrupted. Consequently, Beech 1900C pilots misunderstood the message bein...

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