Jul 22, 2017

Rotational force

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Physics: Rotational force


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Rotational force is any force that is caused by spinning around. Rotational force is evident by a washing machine or swings at the amusement park. Torque is the application of force where there is some sort of rotational force.An example of torque comes into play with a seesaw on a play ground or a wrench loosening a lug nut. For example when on a seesaw the middle is the balancing point. Force is being applied on the ends, or where the person is sitting. The weight is equal to mass times acceleration (due from gravity). With that said, for every second that an object experiencing the gravitational force continues to fall, its velocity continues to increase at a constant rate. Also, Torque is measured in newtonmeters. The greater the amount of torque the greater the chance of putting an object into rotation. So a heavier child on one end vs the other end will cause the seesaw to rotate clockwise towards the heavier side (or the side experiencing more torque). A shift in weight or position would be necessary to cause the balance point and alter the torque

Discussion ResponsesName:Institution:Discussion ResponsesResponse to Discussion 10Discussion 10 on rotational force and torque discusses important model of physics. Owing to the concept of mechanics, Torque and rational force both describe situations involving rotation, the forces and outcomes involved. It is noteworthy to note that inertia exists in this discussion. Still, Torque is more about a rotating rigid body ov...

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