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Roles and Responsibilities of International Organizations in Tourism

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Roles and Responsibilities of International Organizations in Tourism


Please look at the file attached. The country for this assignment would be India vs Bhutan. There are also powerpoint that could help writer. Please read ALL attachment
Essay Topic: 
With reference to the achievements of at least 2 destinations compare and contrast the effectiveness of national tourism policy versus the work of international organisations in achieving sustainable tourism development over the past 25 years.
Please use Bhutan and India for that 2 destinations.
The national tourism policy affect by local government or international organizations. 
The eaasy basically invite students for a debate on the view point of :
- The role of international organizations in comparison to national government policies
- Do you agree that the involvement of international organizations are essential in assisting a destination to develop sustainable tourism? This should be the conclusion to your findings.
Point to consider(1)
- Define the definition / concept of sustainable tourism development. How this can be achieve?
- Reason(s) for why governments may get involved in tourism.
- Type of roles government may undertake.
- Is the involvement in tourism at the international level a necessary? Give reasons.
Point to consider(2)
- Consider a discussion of
1. Roles and responsibilities of different type of international organizations in tourism.
2. International agreements with an impact on tourism
- Examples of how tourism has been affected in different as a result of your identified organizations or international agreements.
Point to consider (3)
- An evaluation of whether your mentioned international organizations or agreement have had a positive or negative impact in the examples that have been discussed.
- You need to give your view on why the involvement of these international organizations or agreements may or may not necessary.
Please use Bhutan and India for the 2 destinations, 
The Government must be Bhutan and India`s government
All of the example should be related with Bhutan and India.
The international organizations or agreement should be related with Bhutan and India.
Essay format
Fully referenced your essay in Harvard Referencing.


Roles and Responsibilities of International Organizations in Tourism Name Institution Roles and Responsibilities of International Organizations in Tourism Tourism is a significant segment in the world economy and is a facilitator for economic progress and expansion in many nations. Tourism has the potential to generate foreign exchange, revenue and employment opportunities in the specific destinations. It helps to branch out economic doings, allowing countries to redeploy wealth and jobs from more established urban areas to regional communities. A developing tourism industry supports economic development through enhanced infrastructure such as roads, electricity networks as well as enhanced education, health and communication services. Tourism has the prospective to play an imperative role in encouraging sustainable growth, through the protection of natural and cultural heritage. Tourism is developing quickly in many developing nations. Tourism is the ultimate segment of global economy and acts as the mainstay of most countries’ economies. Tourism establishments can be in pole position of diversity management due to the excessive focus on the prominence of the tourism sector. Tourists are motivated to come in large numbers if they discover staff that they can relate with based on age, disability and other aspects. Staff diversity can be heightened through the merchandises sold to tourists. The concept of sustainability in the tourism sector has gained ...

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