Jul 19, 2017

Role of Rationality Essay

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Role of Rationality Essay


1. Abstract 

2. need to make a substantial reference to at least four texts. At least half of the texts to which you make reference must be those listed in the course syllabus or given at the end of each lecture unit.

3.These 2 sources are from syllabus.

Alexander, J.C. 1989. The Dialectic of Individuation and Domination: Weber’s Rationalization Theory and Beyond. In: J. C. Alexander, Structure and Meaning: Relinking Classical Sociology. New York: Columbia University Press. 

Ingram, D. 1987. Habermas and the Dialectic of Reason. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Chapter 4: Weber’s Theory of Rationalization. 
These sources are not from syllabus but i think it should be useful.
Max Weber`s types of rationality: Cornerstones for the analysis of rationalization processes in history-Kalberg 1980
Max Webers essays and Protestant ethics and Spirit of Capitalism
I think in discussion writer should refer both pro and against opinion. Please dont paraphrase mechanically from sources. It should be coherent.


Title: Role of Rationality Student’s Name: Institution: Date of submission: Abstract The idea of rationality was and is still the most discussed of the philosophies propounded by Max Weber. This connotes the impact this contentious theory has on both the social, economic and political spheres. To a great extent, rationality was seen as an idea that was far from being a true reflection of what really was going on in the modernizing world. It sparked so much criticism leading to a number of literally works to challenge and some to discuss the pros and cons of thinking and believing in the same way as Weber thought. However, despite the criticism and all the discussions against the idea, it is evident that Max Weber’s theory influenced peoples’ thinking and thus played a role worth noting in the development of the humans socially, politically and economically. With that in mind, this paper therefore discussed the contribution Weber’s theory made to the society and brings out the roles played by the theory in the current world. It also looks at the disadvantages brought about by the same theory. Introduction As earlier mentioned, Weber played a role in the development of the social, economic and political spheres of human life. Weber played an important role using his concept of rationality. The theory has indeed been employed in various fields and to a great extent, has positively contributed to the current development in ...

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