Jul 22, 2017

Robotic Advances In The Near Future

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Robotic Advances In The Near Future


For this assignment, you are being asked to research something you are genuinely interested in rather than something a teacher thinks would be good for you to pursue. I would Like the topic to be about Robotic Advances in the near future. It should be double-spaced and in a standard 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial). It should begin with an interest grabber. It should include the story of how you came to be interested in your topic and why you want to research it. It should include a section where you define uncommon or broad terms you will use throughout your paper. It should include a section where you provide background information about your topic by answering the reporter`s six questions (who, what, where, when, why, how) about it. It should include a specific thesis statement that lets the reader know what is to come. It should incorporate effective and correct paraphrasing, summarizing, and quotations; all source information must include APA style parenthetical citations. It should include at least three reasons that support your claim, and each reason should have its own paragraph or paragraphs providing plenty of evidence proving each reason`s validity. It should include a section where you explore opposing viewpoints to your claim, and each opposing viewpoint should have its own paragraph or paragraphs providing plenty of evidence proving each viewpoint`s validity. It should include rebuttals to the opposing viewpoints, and each rebuttal should have its own paragraph or paragraphs providing plenty of evidence proving each rebuttal`s validity. It should include information from at least four sources. Readers must get a sense that the writer`s interest in the topic is genuine. You should include a “working” list of References (it’s understood that sources will be added to and removed from your References list as you complete your paper) that has an APA style Reference entry for each of your sources.

Robotic Advances In The Near FutureName:Institution:Course TitleInstructor:Date:Robotic Advances In The Near FutureFrom delivery drones to driverless cars, a modern generation of robots is taking a center stage and is about to drastically change the way the current generation work, think and carry out their daily activities. The future has not been written yet, and no one surely knows if robots are dangerous or harmless. What cannot be rejected is that people, as curious as they are, will continue to develop new and more advanced generations of robot (Markoff & Miller, 2014). It is important to note that robots and a wide variety of high-performance inventions have had a wide interest for humanity. Several scientists have spent a lot of time in their laboratories looking for innovative schemes, developing them and creating what can be regarded as highly qualitative robots. The future development of robots can be regarded as a mere speculation, but due to the developments that have been experienced over the recent years, continued advancement cannot be ignored.For several years, robots have been considered as equivalent to machines that tend to imitate human-like features found in movies such as the Terminator, Star Wars, and Star Trek (The Next Generation). One of the factor that has fascinated me about robot is the perception that they will in the future replace human beings or be at war with human. Robots are expected to continue impacting on different aspects of people’s lives, and philosophers and scientists are still debating if new technologies will have an adverse effect on the human race (Bay & Ford, 2006). With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, there is a point in which the society expects robots to become superior to mankind. For several individuals, robots are machines that imitate humans.Nevertheless, despite of the way these technologies capture our imagination, most of them still inhabit science fiction. Experts have not been able to give these robots enough common sense for them to be able to interact reliably with a dynamic world. Most of the robots that are currently present are the ones that do the type of work that is dangerous, onerous, boring, or simply nasty. These robots can be found in medical, auto, space and manufacturing industries (John, 2011). Actually, there are millions of these forms of robots that are currently in service at the moment. It is important to note that there are certain essential qualities or features that a machine should have for it to count as a robot. These includes sensing, movement, energy, and intelligence.To start with, a robot must have the abilities of sensing its surroundings. For instance, they should have light sensors (eyes)...

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