Aug 03, 2017

Revising Your Own Manuscripts

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The Makers Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts

You have 23 hrs from now to deliver the draft (2 pages), then the all essay is due on sunday. please send me the first draft before 12pm tommorrow.additionaly,please refer to the book the little,brown reader. Reflections on Writing Paper For your second paper in Eng101, read the following essays in The Little Brown Reader: •Discovering the Power of my Words (579) •The Maker`s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts (583) •The Case For Short Words (587) •Shitty First Drafts (599) •Coming To An Awareness of Language (603) Read all of the essays and then pick one you would prefer to write about. Your assignment has a body with four parts: First, summarize that essay, then explain the idea(s) you found most interesting or useful. Next, discuss how this essay relates to your own writing experience. Finally, discuss how the essay relates to not only that writing experience previously, but your current experience in eng101. This essay must be organized with an introductory paragraph that includes a thesis statement and plan of development, the main body of the essay that develops the above stated assignment, and a concluding paragraph. Your essay must be 1,000 words (no more than 1,250 words) and developed with specific ideas. Please use MLA citation format (if you have questions ask me). Make sure your paper is titled, page numbers are inserted in the top right corner (lastname_pagenumber), and double spaced. Normal formatting rules apply. all above of this writing is my teacher instructions.after that, i want you to send me first draft of this essay(2pages), which is due tommorrow before 12pm.but the all essay is due on sunday. please send me the first draft before 12pm tommorrow.additionaly,please refer to the book the little,brown reader.
Surname:Instructor`s Name:Course Number:Date:The Maker`s Eye – Revising Your Own Manuscript, by Donald MurrayThesisEffective procedures need to be applied in order to draft any form of writing. This is why writing is considered a somehow technical form of activity. While in the process of drafting, many writers ought to look at the coherence and unity and the emphasis to write a well-shaped piece of article. Murray, points out that writers need to have a progression of drafts produced before they can eventually settle for the final piece of writing they intend to work on. Each piece of draft can always be rearranged and edited during the process of writing so as to be clearer and after all this is not the final work. While at it the writers should always be ready to face negative feedback and welcome positive criticism of the work they have developed. However, at the same time, the writers should always be doubtful of all forms of criticism and praise of work as this may not always be constructive. The author has also stressed the importance of rewriting by involving, scanning drafts, modification of problems that aren`t appropriate or relevant to the thesis statement. In addition the writers must keep in mind that they ought to be conscious of interest of the w...

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