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Research How Do Ethics Policies Affect the Ethics Program?

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Research How Do Ethics Policies Affect the Ethics Program?


Image of a decision making flow chartOne challenge to the development of a strong ethics program is to use the elements of the organization discussed in Module 6 to create a culture that supports ethical decision making. All of the elements need to support the behavior you want to create. This requires a holistic view of the systems and how they interact.
In this activity, you will locate and evaluate current ethics programs to provide a foundation for revising an existing ethics program. Considering what you have read in this course, begin investigating an organization’s ethics program by reviewing their website. You should select an organization of interest to you as a place in which you think you might like to work.
For your discussion:
Use the EC Library to locate an article about the organization that addresses an issue associated with ethics. 
***Perhaps Chevron Corp., it has been accused of tax evasion as well as a number of environmental infractions in several countries around the world. But perhaps most controversial was a 1998 episode in Nigeria****Just a thought.
Choose the ethics theory most applicable to the issue in the article you chose.
As a starting point for your investigation, review the organization’s documents and policies on their website. Many organizations have information on their ethics policies available. Identify current policy statement(s) and describe the current environment created by these policies.
Indicate whether the organization has a clear ethics program or if it has only an espoused ethics policy.
Identify at least two areas for improvement to create a strong ethical culture, based on the organization’s ethics program.
In responding to your classmates, share recommendations or ideas for helping the organization improve its ethical culture.

Post your primary response on the discussion board. Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before posting.


How Do Ethics Policies Affect the Ethics Program? Student: Professor: Course title: Date: How Do Ethics Policies Affect the Ethics Program? The ethics theory that is most applicable to the chosen article is virtue ethics which asserts that above everything else, character is what really matters. For an organization to be ethical or act rightly, it has to develop and demonstrate a number of virtues such as transparency and honesty among others and avoid vices such as selfishness, greed, corrupt dealing


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