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Religion &Theology: An Abrahamic Family Reunion ISRC 2016

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 Religion &Theology: An Abrahamic Family Reunion ISRC 2016


You will need to write a 2-page synopsis of what you hear and your thoughts on it. * Please check the flyer attached in order to know the general topic you will write about.

Family reunions can be opportunities for siblings born of the same parent to join together to share experiences and reflect upon what they continue to hold in common and where, over the years, their different paths have led them. Jews, Christians and Muslims are members of the Abrahamic family of faith since Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all claim descent from the family of Abraham, Hagar and Sarah. Yet despite their common origins, they have followed their separate paths, not always in ways that are respectful of one another. The UA Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture and its co-sponsors invite you to participate in this third session of “The Abrahamic Family Reunion.” The panelists will explore possible meanings of Adam and Eve’s transition from nakedness to being clothed as depicted in the Book of Genesis and the Quran.


Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Abrahamic Family Re-Union Introduction The three religions namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism have many attributes in common. The first is that they are monotheist as they profess the existence of one Supreme Being; God. They all have a similar origin, referring to the story of creation and the events at the Garden of Eden. However, somewhere along the way, the three religions appear to part ways as each cultivates its own separate and unique path. Yet, the fact is that these three religions are ideally on


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