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Relevance and Use of Reality and Fantastic in Literature

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 Relevance and Use of Reality and Fantastic in Literature


You are to write a literary analysis of at least 1500 words on one of the topics below. Grading of the paper will be based on scope, depth, critical thinking skills, and grammatical accuracy. Your paper should be written in the 3rd person, so be sure to avoid any 1st person subjective experiences.
You must use direct primary quotes from the novels/stories to provide evidence for your paper. Essays that have no quotes from primary sources will not earn a passing grade. 
No secondary sources are to be used in the paper. You may use only the module content and the assigned course texts in your essay.
the question is  It has been suggested that fantasy literature is inappropriate for children, as it does not prepare them for adult life in the real world. Discuss this idea, by arguing for and against the relevance and use of reality and the fantastic in Literature and how it impacts our lives and those of children, using both one of the fictional texts we have studied (either Charlotte’s Web or The Paper Bag Princess) and one of the non-fictional texts we have studies (either Hana’s Suitcase or And Tango Makes Three). Your essay should focus on the role of reality and the fantastic in relation to three of the following literary devices: character, setting, theme and tone.


The relevance and use of reality and the fantastic in Literature Student: Professor: Course title: Date: The relevance and use of reality and the fantastic in Literature Reality and fantasy are two genres commonly used in literature. This essay exhaustively discusses the relevance and usage of reality and the fantastic in literature and the way in which it impacts people’s lives including the lives of children. In this discussion, The Paper Bag Princess, a fictional text is used along with one non-fiction text, Hana’s Suitcase. The essay particularly focuses on the role of the reality and the fantastic relative to tone, setting and character literary devices. Fantasy comments on social reality by means of indirections such as parable, allegory and metaphor hence could deal with intricate moral questions in a manner that is more exaggerated and playful. Furthermore, the fantastic prompts children to play at seeing the world in various dissimilar ways and hence teaches the young readers to construct meaning by making connections between ostensibly unconnected things or concepts. Equally important, the fantastic is not only for children. Becoming a teen, coming to terms with disappointment and betrayal, rites of passage – everything of emerging adult life also have to be encountered and dealt with. Even though counselling and psychoanalysis have their place, one of the most crucial tools that people can utilize in tackling reality is without do...

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