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Relationship Between Accounting Information Systems and Organizations

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Relationship Between Accounting Information Systems and Organizations


Some academics have suggested that there is a two-way relationship between accounting information systems and organisations: organisations shape their systems but are also shaped by them (see, for example, Hines, 1988; Hopwood, 1987; Ezzamel, 1990; Hopwood, 2009). Discuss this relationship in the context of the information literacy and management skills are needed by an accountancy graduate in the 21st century.

This is deliberately a very broad essay title to encourage you to think widely about information. The essay can be approached from a variety of angles. To start, you should read the four articles referred to in the title (available through Vision). As you read them, think about the potential implications for the work of accountants and the skills required to address these issues

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RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND ORGANIZATIONS Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Relationship between Accounting Information Systems and Organizations Organizations do shape their Accounting Information Systems to fit their demands but on the other hand, the Accounting Information Systems also shape the organizations regarding planning, organizing and controlling of resources in the routine operations. An accounting information system is a compilation of data and their procedures of processing that create the requisite information for its users. Accounting is the systematic way of keeping financial records, reports, and the analysis of all transactions of an organization. An accountant is in charge of accounting duties, and the person has the mandate to follow the set rules and regulations of accounting. Accounting consists of three basic activities that include; identifying, recording and communicating the economic affairs of an organization to the interested users while Information is raw data that has been processed and organized to give meaning to the users. Usually, better information and more information translate into superior decisions (Agbejule, 2005). Information has several benefits in the organization such as reduction of uncertainty, better decision-making, and improved ability to timely schedule and plan activities. The characteristics that make the information useful to the organizati...

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