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Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility

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Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility


Part 1 – Introduction

Address the following:

1.Using your own words, define culturally competent nursing care. Support your definition with a professional literature citation. .

2.Identify four (4) guidelines the registered professional nurse may use to enhance the ability to provide culturally competent nursing care. Provide one example the culturally competent nurse applies to each of the four (4) selected guidelines. At least one example must address care of patient(s) not occurring in an acute care hospital. .

3.Describe how the registered professional nurse evaluates if the patient’s cultural needs have been met. .

4.Describe whether cultural practices must be accommodated in all aspects of health care. Provide a specific example and rationale to support your response. .


Part 2- Demonstrating Culturally Competent Nursing Care

Address the following:

1.Select one of the following cultures and focus on the direct caregiving role of the RN at the bedside: ◦Asian .

◦Native American .

◦Hispanic .


2.Select four (4) cultural features, associated with the selected culture that influence the provision of nursing care for patients with chronic illness and at the end of their lives. Describe how the four (4) cultural features influence the provision of care to the patients. At least one (1) feature must address chronic illness and at least one (1) feature must address end of life care. .

3.Provide a total of four (4) nursing interventions that demonstrate nursing care, which reflect the respect for the dignity and uniqueness of those cultural features for patients experiencing chronic illness (2 interventions) and at the end of their lives (2 interventions). .


Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility Name Institution Author Note Introduction Purnell (2013) has defined culturally competent nursing care as the advancement of the awareness of personal existence and thoughts, sensations, and the surroundings without permitting it to have an unnecessary persuasion on individuals of diverse backgrounds. He says it is the demonstration of awareness and understanding of a client’s way of life, and appreciating and relating to the differences in culture while designing care that is similar to the patient’s belief. The Expert Panel on Global Nursing and Health (2010) came up with a set of principles for cultural competence in nursing profession. The expert panel developed the standards together with the Transcultural Nursing Society. Here we look at four of those guidelines out of a list of 12. They include Social Justice, Critical Reflection, Knowledge of Cultures and Culturally Competent Practice. The set of standards stipulates that the applied ideology of social justice direct choices of nurses in relation to a patient and family, the community, and other healthcare practitioners. It adds that nurses must acquire skills in leadership to campaign for socially just policies. For example, a culturally competent nurse must care for a patient in disregard of


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