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Reflection: Does Student Experiential Learning Develops Leadership?

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Reflection: Does Student Experiential Learning Develops Leadership?


Please find herewith assessment questions 1 & 2. To help you answering both questions I have attached example documents that provide support to answer question the way required. The title of each document will clarify the assessment need. You will realise that you need UKPSF & SEDA Dimensions codes to be stated as you start your write-up (please see examples document). I have also attached document that determines these dimension codes. As you go through the attached examples documents you will have an idea how to put these dimensions in between. In case you need help to know what are these dimensions, I have attached 2 PDF documents. 
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Does student experiential learning develops leadership? Name Institution of Affiliation Date Does student experiential learning develops leadership? Introduction The debate on whether leaders are born or created has existed since the beginning of modern education. The proponents of the creation model hold that leaders are created. As such, the modern education system must therefore provide a platform for which key leadership traits can be nurtured. The challenge within the higher education fraternity is in determining the exact approach to take that can contribute to development of leadership in students CITATION Wes12 l 1033 (Westbrook, 2012). Education specialists have in recent years advocated for a change in the methodology and pedagogical foundations from a teacher centred approach to a learner centred model CITATION Kol06 l 1033 (Kold, 2006). The change largely driven by market forces that demand for a learner who is able to solve problems in contrast to simply regurgitating rote solutions CITATION Jul13 l 1033 (Giulioni, 2013). The paper therefore attempts to determine if experiential learning develops leadership in students, and where the result is positive to what extent? Experiential Learning Experiential learning is drawn from learning through experience, where learners or students attempt to do a given task and in experiencing the action they learn from it CITATION Iti99 l 1033 (Itin, C. M, 1999). Educational expe...

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