Jul 21, 2017

Reflecting back on Willie’s actions and dialogue in the play, do you agree or disagree with Biff? Why?

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The death of a Salesman


In the discussion forum for this module, you were asked to analyze the dialogue taking place in the Requiem for Death of a Salesman, and you were asked to discuss specifically Biff’s statement about his father, Willie Loman, that Willie “had the wrong dreams” and/or “didn’t know who he was.” As noted in the “Module Notes,” looking up the definition for “Requiem,” you find it typically is a musical service for the repose of the dead. And as discussed previously, a funeral service usually involves celebrating the life of the deceased. Now as we close our study on Miller’s Death of a Salesman, you are asked to examine why Arthur Miller would pay tribute to the death of Willie Loman (“ low man”). As we have witnessed in the play, Willie’s character and that of his sons are deeply flawed; however, as we previously have discussed, most humans also are flawed in some way. As a matter of fact, in the previous module, you were asked to discuss how you might relate to some degree with Willie Loman or with one of the other characters in Miller’s play. Now that we have come to the end of the play, and to the end of this module and course, you are asked to take all that you have learned and apply it to a careful, thought-provoking examination of Willie Loman and/or his sons, applying character analysis to argue for a larger purpose or theme related to why the play still speaks to an audience, to you, across time. As noted earlier in this module, in the final act of Death of a Salesman, while standing at the graveside of his father, Biff tells his brother, Happy, that Biff knows who he is. But does he? Does Happy? By claiming that, finally, Biff knows who he is, Biff sets himself apart from his dead father, Willie Loman, declaring that Willie “never knew who he was.” Reflecting back on Willie’s actions and dialogue in the play, do you agree or disagree with Biff? Why? What two (2) quotes from Willie Loman’s dialogue in the previous two (2) acts supports your position? How does Willie’s dilemma in the play relate to his sons? How does Willie’s dilemma in the play, and Willie’s relationship with his sons, particularly with Biff, relate to a larger theme in the play? What two (2) quotes from Biff or Happy illustrate a similarity or difference between father and son? Why is the idea of self-knowledge so important to the play’s conclusion? How might the struggle of the play’s characters with self-knowledge relate to you, to an audience? In an essay of no fewer than 500 words, supported by no fewer than two (2) quotes each from two (2) different characters, totaling no fewer than four (4) quotes from character dialogue, analyze how the character of Willie Loman and/or that of his sons illustrates a larger theme of the play, explaining how or why that theme remains relevant to audiences today.

Assignment 8Name:Institution:Assignment 8The death of a SalesmanWhy Arthur Miller would pay tribute to the death of Willie Lowman“The Death of a Salesman” is a distinctive 1940s play by Arthur Miller that depicts aspects of dreams and aspirations, values, family life and success within a modern society (Bigsby, 2005). It revolves around the life and personal predilections and predicaments of a salesman by the name Willie Loman, his family, work, colleagues and experiences. Nevertheless, the play demonstrates a unique topic that even more affects the world society currently of the 21st century. Basing upon the ideology of the American dream, the playwright demonstrates just how much people desire to achieve success and status within society. As it is, the media has in this time and age contributed greatly to people perceptions of success, for instance, people often dream of owning big houses in environments of wonderful affluence, buy luxurious cars, accessories, clothing and gadgets among others. Put another way, the American dream is all about gaining recognition, respect, attention and adoration.One cannot decline to note that more and more people in America and around the world are obsessed with attaining success in life. Unfortunately, most of them usually end up losing sight of the true purpose of their lives as well as en...

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