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Reflect on the Knowledge, Skills and Values that Professionals Utilise in Working with People

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Reflect on the Knowledge, Skills and Values that Professionals Utilise in Working with People


Guidance for CW2 Written Assignment

Coursework 2. Reflect on the knowledge, skills and values that professionals utilise in working with people.

You will be required to complete a written assignment of 2000 words in which you describe and apply your understanding of academic and professional knowledge that is applied to working with people.

he assignment requires you to discuss some of the theoretical knowledge from the module and to use this knowledge to demonstrate your understanding of how it informs professional practice with service users, families and carers.

What are the key skills, values and knowledge frameworks that professionals use to underpin their work with service users and carers?

Please note: This is not a reflective piece or an account and must be written as an academic assignment.





Key Values of Professionals Name Institution of Affiliation Date Key Values of Professionals Professionals recognize that problems experienced by individuals, groups, communities, families or even themselves are vital, and require the understanding of human behaviour, culture, politics, socioeconomic and the law to prevent or alleviate. Hence, demonstrating the fact that a specialist utilises knowledge, skills, and values in his work with persons (Glasby, 2012). Thus, the study focuses on this phenomena. It appraises the strengths and difficulties experts face in their jobs and service user involvement. Therefore, demonstrating how knowledge, skills, and values are significant to a health and social worker. Strengths And Difficulties for Professional’s working For an individual to enter into a career, there are forces that drive them into the career. This reveals the existence of strengths for a professional who is working. The first one is the drive to get the basic needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model establishes the wants of an individual in life. Some of the needs require money to alleviate. Also, for one to get the money they have to work. Good pay attracts a majority of folks to a field. This demonstrates the strength of needs in a professional’s functioning. The other aspect is personal interests. Motivated by external factors, a young person develops interest to join a particular profession. Later,...

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