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Rebuttal of "Drinking Age of Twenty-One Doesn`t Work"

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Rebuttal of "Drinking Age of Twenty-One Doesn`t Work"


Writing the Refutation Paper
When asked to analyze information for which you disagree with, whether it be a letter to the editor, newspaper editorial, or essay, you are being asked to prepare a refutation or rebuttal. Therefore you are preparing a specific challenge to a specific argument. You will need to know the work thoroughly and repeatedly refer to the work in order to convince your audience that your argument is stronger than the once being presented.
Writing Prompt (Getting Started):
Select an editorial, op-ed column, a letter to the editor, or one of the essays in Chapter 5: Reading, Analyzing, and Using Visuals and Statistics in Argument as an argument with which you disagree. Prepare a refutation of your opponent’s logic, evidence, or both. 
Writing Requirements and Expectations:
This essay should 
be 3 pages in length (750 word minimum).
include 3-4 appropriate sources to defend the claim being made.
include parenthetical documentation throughout the essay for the 3-4 sources used.
include a Works Cited page as a separate page following the essay.
address a neutral audience, as if you are an attorney trying to convince a jury.
convince your audience that your argument is the strongest one.
follow ALL MLA writing expectations.


Name Professor Rebuttal essay Date Rebuttal of "drinking age of twenty-one doesn`t work." Should the drinking age be lowered from twenty-one to, say, eighteen? Is the act prohibiting alcohol consumption before the age of twenty-one causing more harm than the intended good? Has the nation registered a distinct change in traffic-related deaths in the past twenty-five years of the law being enacted? The age limit of twenty-one is not working, and a policy review should be initiated to lower the age to eighteen (McCardell, par.4). In his commentary "drinking age of twenty-one doesn`t work" McCardell gives support to the amethyst initiative that introduced a raging debate to the public, claiming twenty-one years old drinking age is not working. What McCardell and fellow proponents of a reduced drinking age cup believe in is that drinking age at twenty-one increases binge drinking which poses health issues to college students. They also


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