Jul 21, 2017

Reality Episode 10 Runway Incursion Allentown PA

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Reality Episode 10 Runway Incursion Allentown PA


This is for the 10th episode only Write a response style paper reflecting each chapter of the Managing Risk textbook. (10, ONE page papers) This is to be a “real-life” style response, focusing on each chapter’s topic. Use statistics, accident reports, prevention data, real-life incidents, etc. Describe the best countermeasures that you as a pilot can use to mitigate these risks. Each response must encompass a minimum of two pages (font: 11; line spacing 1.15) and clearly present the problem and explain the best-practice countermeasure, documenting your answer. This is not an opinion paper. books required are... Wilson, D., & Binnema, G. (2014) Managing risk: Best practices for pilots. New castle, WA: Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-61954-109-2 Federal Aviation Administration (2009). Risk management handbook. Oklahoma City, OK: Author. ISBN-13: 978-1782661634. (Downloadable for free)

Reality Episode 10 Runway Incursion Allentown PACritical Information: The Passenger Safety BriefingNameCourseInstructorDate Passenger safety briefing is vital to improving safety and sensitizing passengers on safety precautions. The shoulder harness one of the vital tools to improve patient safety. Even though, older aircraft models do not have these gadgets, the pilot should emphasize on the need to use them when in operation. The combination of the belt and shoulder harness reduces the risk of injuries, and this should not be ignored by the pilots. This is particularly useful during takeoff or landing, but depending on the situation where passengers require to get out of a risky situation, then they should act fast to unfasten the lap belts and shoulder harnesses. When combined with the airbag, the lap belt/ shoulder harness are more effective in minimizing risk of fatalities and serious injuries in in accidents. Getting out of dangerous situations is vital to preventing injuries and fatalities among passengers. Hence, the pilot should emphasize on the steps ton be followed when getting out of an aircraft. Communication should be tailored to avoid causing anxiety, and should be ge...

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