Aug 05, 2017

Reading in Electronics

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Technology: Reading in Electronics

THE MAJOR TOPIC IS BUYER-SUPPLY RELATIONS IN ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT WITH THE SUB TOPIC BEING LABOR, LABOR LAWS, AND LOW WAGES AND POOR TREATMENT IN ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT. THIS IS A PERSUASIVE REPORT WHERE YOU ARE PERSUADING THE READER THAT YOUR POINT OF VIEW ON BUYER-SUPPLY RELATIONS IN ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT IS VALID AND SHOULD BE ACCEPTED IN PRACTICE. THE REPORT MUST END WITH A CONCLUSION THAT OFFERS SPECIFIC EXAMPLES OR DEFINITE INFORMATION THAT SUPPORTS YOUR RECCOMMENDATION. DO NOT USE ANY LONG QUOTES. DO NOT INCLUDE MORE THAT 2 SHORT QUOTES. BELOW YOU WILL FIND MY POINT OF VIEW ON THE TOPIC AND SUB TOPICS PLEASE USE THE INFORMATION BELOW TO HELP ASSIST YOU IN WRITING THIS PAPER: Buyer-supplier relations Another important facet of marketing is the relations between buyers and sellers where sellers have the responsibility of ensuring good relations. The need for good relations is envisaged by the improved marketing results and sales with augmentation of customer relations. Success in the electronic industry depends on relations as it increases repeat visits and generation of sales revenue through improved customer relations by the company. It is, therefore, important for the development of a good customer relations practice through sincere marketing and good customer feedback. This forms the other main feature in successful marketing by an electronic industry. Labor This study aims at depicting ways by which electronic companies lack the capacity of enforcing labor laws. There are various reasons why the electronics industry cannot be able to meet the demands of meeting the demands of the labor laws in the land. Labor laws The electronic industry has a high prevalence of lack of adherence to labor laws. The main reason for the low labor enforcement is the lack of stringent measures to enforce labor laws in the fast growing electronic industry. The other reason for the low labor enforcement rate is the sub contraction of activities to smaller companies, which flout labor laws aimed at improving profit laws and exploiting workers. Low wages and poor The treatment of employees unfairly and disregard for better pay in labor laws by electronic companies is prevalent. The use of harassment and intimidation by electronic companies on members of staff affects the performance of employees in their duties and the need for employee satisfaction.
Running head: READING IN ELECTRONICSReading in ElectronicsName:Course:Institution:Tutor:Date: Establishing and managing effective buyer-seller relationship in the supply chain is an important prerequisite for the business success of any business (Hutt & Speh, 2012). The importance of suppliers` role in contributing to the performance of electronic firms for instance, is currently inevitable. The electronics-buying firms are increasingly relying on their external suppliers` base for product development, quality, productivity, and for more technology ideas. Most of the roles formally facilitated by workers are being executed by suppliers in order to cut expenses of having too many workers (Hutt & Speh, 2012). Suppliers are assuming the roles abandoned by workers who are laid off by their employers with a view of reducing costs. Those new roles for suppliers include managing inventory for customers (Hutt & Speh, 2012), producing near-perfect quality products, providing steady price reductions and earlier participation in product development. Changing the role of suppliers in electronic industry is one of the emerging best practices for electronics-buying firms. Improving the buyer-seller relationship again can help reduce potential deficiencies in electronic suppliers` performance. Poor relationship between buyers and sellers often lead to distortion in supply schedules which disrupt the supply chain thus leading to shutdown of production lines, if this happens then, huge losses to buying firms can result contradicting buyers` efforts of enhancing competitiveness through squeezing costs out of their supply chain (Hutt & Speh, 2012). Firms which are in long-term stable relationships with their suppliers achieve high profitability and returns on investment. Better buyer-seller relationships also lead to significant positive effect on manufacturer performance (Hutt & Speh, 2012), supplier performance and thus improving the performance of the entire supply chain for the electronics industry.The components of the buyer-supplier relationship which require much focus are the trust; this is an important factor for electronic industry in sustaining the wider business network and contributing to the success of the firms in electronic business (Krosinsky, Robins & Viederman, 2012). Trust between buyers and sellers indicate credibility in business, trustworthy relationship in business helps decrease transaction costs, reduce the risks of opportunistic behavior and facilitate cooperativeness transactions. Interpersonal relationship; this involves drawing on connections or networks; it is a reciprocal obligations in business rations. Interpersonal relationships in business facilitate decision-making and management of business enterprises (Krosinsky, Robins & Viederman, 2012). Communication; a good communication between buyers and suppliers help minimize uncertainty pertaining the smooth flow of demand and supply of electronics products, any breakdown of com...

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