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Race and Gender: Stories Told in Storming Caesars Palace?

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 Race and Gender: Stories Told in Storming Caesars Palace?


The essay might need the book "Storming Caesars Palace"
Answer the following question in a well-written, carefully argued, 5-page, double-spaced, 1” margin, Times New Roman font essay. The deadline is Friday, April 8th, at the beginning of your recitation. By that time, be sure to upload your essay to SafeAssign on UB Learns and, if your TA requires it, provide a hard copy to your TA.
How did race and gender shape the life experiences of the women whose stories are told in Storming Caesars Palace? Explain how their activism challenged their era’s prevailing systems of both race and gender, and why their challenge was so controversial, using as your examples their two most important campaigns. Finally, conclude by using their efforts to think more broadly about the accomplishments and limitations of civil rights and feminist activism during this time period: what did they set out to achieve, what did they achieve, and what did they fail to achieve?
The introductory paragraph should clearly and succinctly provide answers to all three main questions. These answers will almost certainly be closely related to each other.
Back up every claim you make with the best / most persuasive example from the book (or from lecture, recitation, or other readings as necessary)
This is not a book report or a book review. Answer the essay question. Do not summarize the book or explain how it made you feel.
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Name Course Instructor Date Storming Caesars Palace Introduction African American women on welfare have been cast in the public discourse as welfare receipts, whose only purpose is to profit from the system, but Orleck challenges this view. These women are also casualties of poverty where classism, racism and structural barriers are intertwined with oppression. However, the resistance efforts of black women challenged the narratives about poor women on welfare. The disdain for welfare was so bad, that even one white woman in a hotel was told to work as a prostitute by a state official rather than receive welfare (Orleck 161). This paper highlights how experiences of lowly paid African American women influenced their activism and support for welfare rights. Race, gender and the women’s’ experiences African American women recounted their lives in the 1940’s where absentee landlords were called by fancy names like Mr. Johnny and his son little Mr. Johnny by the farm workers (Orlek 12). Little had changed even after the women left Louisiana and the delta region with the black families living in fear of their employers. Violence and repression in the 1940’s and 1950’s in the American South made it difficult for the older generation to fight for their rights as they lived in fear (Orleck 20). For the African American women, there was no dignity for those living in poverty, and th


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