Aug 04, 2017

Race and Ethnicity

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Race and Ethnicity

Length of individual paper: 7-8 pages (maximum 2,000 words) Must use scholarly social science literature. Your topic must be related to the group with whom you share an ethnicized or racialized identity. Im Irish. The topic must address some aspect of how this ethnicized or racialized identity is formed in Canada. Topics include religion, gender, sexism etc. 1. Introduction (Maximum: 1/4 page) In the introduction present your topic and thesis statement. Explain how your topic and thesis statement relate to the study of processes of ethnicization and racialization in Canada. 2. Support your thesis statement (Maximum: 7 pages) Using the course materials and scholarly literature, support your thesis statement. In supporting your thesis statement, you must use at least five concepts from the course. You must underline and briefly define the concepts, quoting their definitions from the course material or the scholarly literature. Full references must be supplied for the definitions of the five concepts: 1) Eugenics 2) Hegemony 3) Ableism: "assumptions that disqualify groups of people based upon what is characterised as an insufficiency that is biologically coded” (Mitchell and Snyder, p. 860). 4. Domination/Oppression 5.Intersectional Theory:racism, sexism, heterosexism, economic exploitation, ableism must be simultaneously analyzed and challenged 6. Sexism In addition, you may use newspaper articles and government sources to support your thesis statement. However, most of the support for your thesis statement should come from the scholarly literature. 3. Your connection to the topic (Maximum: ½ page) In this section, describe and analyse how you are connected to the topic of your paper. Using an intersectional analysis, include an analysis of your own positions of privilege and oppression in relation to the racialized or ethnicized group you are writing about. 4. Conclusion (Maximum: ¼ page) Conclude by discussing the contribution of your research to the study of processes of ethnicization and racialization in Canada. You must use at least two articles from the course in supporting your thesis statement below. You must also use at least three scholarly social science articles (or book chapters), outside of the course material to support your thesis statement. Wendell, Susan. 1996. The Social Construction of Disability. The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability. New York and London: Routledge Mitchell, David and Snyder, Sharon. 2003. The Eugenic Atlantic: Race, Disability, and the Making of an International Eugenic Science, 1800-1945. Disability and Society 18, 7: 843-864.
Races and EthnicityNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionRaces and EthnicityIntroductionThe issue of race and ethnicity has been governing the academic dissertation of many disciplines that actually includes the field of socio-political arena and the multicultural education. The most sensitive interest in these issues is in response to the demographic reality of the rapid rise of racial and ethnic diversity in Canada and also other nations globally.This gathering of the patent literature actually focuses on the vitality and validity of the racial and cultural studies in worldwide circumstances and to the position of the issues to today`s human experience. However the introductory essay below tries to explore mainly the concepts of race and ethnicity, construction of ethnic and racial differences, and finally the link between socially created alternates and also the battles in socio-political settings. Additionally lots of the fiction encompassed in this paper is mostly anxious with issues of race and ethnicity that is generally developing within the former centuries.What is race and ethnicity?This paper seeks to elucidate most of the racial and ethnic issues that affect the Canadians people. It further looks on where some of these issues originated from and probably what can be done to curb the racial discrimination in all fields and also what the Canadian government is doing to combat the issue of discrimination. In Canada and probably during the Great Depression of the 1930`s migrants who were searching for jobs were all unaccepted and overlooked for any job vacancies. Despite the fact the Canadian government is trying hard to break the obstacles that Aboriginal residents , the immigrants and the minorities are facing in the country, today the immigrants still face several problems and mostly when trying to venture the labor field. For instance: there is no recognition of global work experience and the credentials, there is lack of job experience, the challenge in English or French communication among others.It is clear and evident that the two terms race and ethnicity very. Moreover the two terms are generally misused if at all they are used identically. The unpremeditated and mutual appearance of the words side by side in the community treatise may depress people from understanding them as different terms. Additionally most of the serious scholars of race and ethnicity distinguish amongst them and learn their convention in organizing and sorting people.The word race is actually built on the evidence of natural and physical variances. Relating to Robb (1996), research the idea of `race comprised any of clusters of people which detained them to show intrinsic, genetic, determined or prognostic features, and which thus had a biotic. However it has been found that in the study of race, mainlyin19th and 20th era, many people were categorized on the base of diverse phenotypes dogged by physical traits such as cranial size, skin...

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