Jul 21, 2017

Race and Ethnicity. The History of Anthropology

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Race and Ethnicity. The History of Anthropology


Due at the start of class at Thursday, October 16.
**Late exams will be penalized.
The first unit of this course focused on:
• race and ethnicity,
• the history of anthropology,
• the ways that anthropologists define culture, and
• the techniques and dilemmas of ethnography.
The second unit of this course has taken a closer look at the comparisons anthropologists have made between societies and cultural groups, examining issues including:
• language and communication,
• world systems theory,
• subsistence and adaptive strategies, and
• inequality
For this midterm essay exam, choose five (5) of these concepts above. Then:
In Part I. explain how anthropologists have approached these concepts and made comparisons between societies and cultural groups. Include a definition of each concept you discuss. Use examples from at least three (3) Conformity & Conflict case studies in your discussion.
Your essay should include both specific examples and discuss how these specific examples relate to broader concepts and theories.
In Part II. take a critical approach to the examples you discuss. What limitations do you see to the methods and examples discussed thus far, both during class and in the readings? What suggestions would you make for future research on these topics?


SOCIAL SCIENCES Name: Course title: Instructor’s name: Date: Social Sciences PART # 1 Race and Ethnicity Ethnicity refers to a population of humans whose members identify one another based on actual or presumed common genealogy. On the other hand, race is a system of grouping people based on their various sets of physical characteristics. Anthropologists have analyzed ethnicity as a historical system of grouping people based on their ancestral backgrounds. All human beings have their roots, and ethnicity identifies communities with common ancestral origin. Race is the main and most common system of grouping humanity. It classifies people based on their physical appearances, especially skin color. Anthropologists have classified human beings into a number of races including whites, red Indians, Hispanics, and Africans or blacks. The Histo


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