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Question:Topic: (A Mosaic Case-Study) Researching through Surveys Scenario:

Mosaic’s company’s team members are discussing marketing research. Read the exchange below and follow the instructions in the Task to practice and build skills in researching through surveys.

“I’m pleased to say that the new strategies for targeting Hispanic customers have been greatly noticed.” said Demetri, when Yvonne gave him the floor to talk at their routine staff meeting. “Many of the Mosaic store managers from the Southern stores have taken the time to e-mail me about positive verbal feedback they’ve been getting from our customers.”

“It’s good to know our hard work is paying off, despite the,” said Trey while letting out a fake cough, “challenges we faced when working with the marketing department.”

Martina just snickered at his remark.

Ignoring the exchange, Demetri said, “Here’s the deal. While we’ve received some positive feedback from the store managers, I don’t have any data from actual customers.”

“Any ideas on how to get some?” asked Yvonne

“Well, yes, actually,” said Demetri, a tad bit pleased with himself. “I want to create a survey that Mosaic’s employees could pass out with clipboards to Hispanic customers that come into our stores.”

“That’s a great idea.” said Sarah, “Depending on what you’re thinking about and come up with, I might also put the survey up on the website.”

“I want to know how Hispanic customers are responding to the changes at Mosaic. Have they even noticed any? Have they been pleased with their shopping experience at Mosaic? What can we do to make their shopping experiences even better? What do they think about merchandise targeted specifically for them and their needs? Or how about our new bilingual Mosaic employees we’ve added to these Southern stores? Are there differences in opinions of Hispanics based on age or annual household income? Etcetera, etcetera,” said Demetri with a passionate flair. “I want real data that can tell us where to go from here.”

“Trey and Martina, do you think you can handle putting this together?” asked Yvonne.

“Definitely!” Martina said while starting to peel a banana.

Take on the communication task of Trey and Martina using your newly acquired knowledge from Chapter 15 of our text, pages 496-502.”

  • Create a 10-question survey that will effectively measure the information Demetri seeks to know. Make sure that your questions are phrased neutrally, ask only one thing, are not biased, and use words that mean the same to all respondents.
  • Using Survey Monkey (Links to an external site.), conduct a usability test of your survey with a convenient sample of 10 peers to make sure all your questions are comprehensible and clear, and report your findings in this discussion thread.

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