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Quality Improvement

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Quality Improvement


MGT 3121 HW # 2

1. Passengers arriving at an airport for departure must first wait to check in to obtain a boarding pass and check their luggage. Then they must pass through the airport security. Those passengers that passed through security proceed to the gate. At the gate, the passengers must wait for their row to be called to have their boarding pass authenticated. If the boarding pass does not match the departing flight, the passenger is directed to the appropriate gate. The passengers that have an excessively large bag as carry-on must first wait for an attendant, and then, they are directed back to “check in” to check the luggage piece. Subsequently, they must pass through the security again to return to the gate. Passengers with the proper boarding pass and appropriate size carry-on are allowed to enter the jet way and board the plane.

(i) Create a flowchart of the passenger arriving at an airport for departure process.

(ii) How might this process be improved to avoid delays?

2. Borders Group Inc., an international bookstore, applied for bankruptcy in 2011 and was subsequently bought out by Barnes & Noble.

(i) Create a cause-and-effect diagram for this situation.

(ii) Provide a detailed description of the most likely causes of the Boarders

Group’s bankruptcy and suggest how this could have been prevented?

3. The time to make beds at a motel should fall into an agreed-on range of times. A sample of four maids was selected, and the time needed to make a bed was observed on three different occasions:


Ann Linda Marie Michael

Sample 1





Service time, sec. Sample 2





Sample 3





(i) Determine the upper and lower control limits for an X-Bar chart and R-chart with a sample size of four.

(ii) After the control chart was established a sample of four observations had the following times in seconds: 180, 198, 193, and 218. Is corrective action needed?

General instructions for this HW:

1. Please be advised that this is an individual HW assignment.

2. To get full credit, please show all your work.

3. Please print one hard copy and bring it with you to class on the due date.

4. The due date for this HW is Sunday, October 18th, 2015. It is due at the start

of the class when you walk in.

5. Your report should be no more than three pages (single spaced, Font 12) in length.

Please do not exceed the length restriction for this assignment.

6. Please put your name and section number on all pages that you submit and staple

all the pages together. Do not submit loose sheets.


Quality improvement Name Course: MGT 3121 Instructor Date 1] Flowchart of the passenger arriving at an airport for departure process 1st Check in ii] Improving process to avoid delays Using tags would be easier for the airports to track the movement of passages prior to the departure, and for the passengers who have excess luggage, and then they can directly go to the check in counter without the need for a flight attendant. It is unlikely that flight attendants will always be standing by, and this may cause un


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