Jul 16, 2017

Psychological Issues Impacting on Health Needs

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Psychological Issues Impacting on Health Needs


Jim 73 was diagnosed with vascular dementia a year ago, but he`d had symptoms for a while before that. He lives on his own his grown up children live in a different part of the country. He wants to keep living in his own home, but he know he needs some extra help. He also keen bowler, but is so worried about getting lost on his way to and from his local club that he has stopped going. However he has also found it hard to explain to the other bowlers why he has stopped going and about why he got confused sometimes. Jim has stopped making proper meals for himself and is looking rather dishelved. It was noticed that the last two weeks he hasn`t gone to the weekly lunch club either. It isn`t also clear if he is taking his medication for his chronic bronchitis and Jim`s neighbour is getting worried about him so he contacts the local GP surgery.

(1) Using Jim`s story, examine how a person`s psychological state can influence their sense of health and wellbeing and the impact this can have on their lives. Talk about stigma, independence, motivation.

(2) Identify ways in which health care professional can support Jim e.g, effective communication ,ability, autonomy.

(3) Evaluate the relationships and ethics involved in, and which underpin, healthcare practice, monitoring, safeguarding, confidentiality.

(4)Describe and analyse contributing psychological factors that may impact on healthcare needs,eg anxiety, ethics accountability relte them to Jim`s case


Psychological issues impacting on health needs Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date: Psychological issues impacting on health needs Relationship between psychological health and physical wellbeing As mentalhealth.org.uk (2015) states, the distinction often used to differentiate mind and body does not exist. This is observed while considering both mental and physical health. Deprived physical state can negatively affect the well-being of the mind. Similarly, poor psychological state will often impact negatively on the physical condition of the body, increasing its vulnerability to certain conditions. Jim, 73, was identified to have vascular dementia twelve months ago, which has negatively affected his physical health. When the symptoms got serious he stopped going for social excursions in the fear that he would lose his way. He also stopped cooking nutritious food for himself and taking pills for his chronic bronchitis a clear indication of how his psychological condition is affecting him. This as Mentalhealth.org.uk (2015), points out, is to be expected since dementia causes a decline in psychological abilities and in turn affects physical health. In the case of Jim he stopped ta


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