Jul 17, 2017

Proposed Bridge Design Essay

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Proposed Bridge Design Essay


7.0 - Detailed Design

The Reinforced Concrete Flat-Slab Single-Span Bridge is a pre-cast system that is designed for total set-in-place construction. The bridge parts will be manufactured and shipped to the job site. The bridge-Tech’s Sales Engineer, worked closely with the Senior Design Team to design the proposed bridge. Multiple oversize load trucks will be needed to ship the bridge. When the bridge arrives, a sub-contracted construction crew will use a crane to set the bridge in place.


7.1 - Proposed Bridge Design

After consulting with the City of Calaveras Department of Public Utilities Division of Engineering Services, analyzing the cost of all the bridge options, and weighing the pros and cons of each option, the design team is proposing to use the Reinforced Concrete Flat-Slab Single-Span bridge system. The proposed bridge option offers many advantages over the alternative bridge options. In order for the bridge to be designed correctly, some basic dimensions and information was needed to be given to bridge-tech.


7.2 - Preliminary Design Information

With this information, the bridge-tech was able to come up with an innovative bridge design. The Bridge-tech and the design team designed the new bridge according to AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, Customary U.S. Units 6th Edition 20011. In order to obtain the vertical and horizontal reactions due to the bridge dead loadings and traffic live loadings.


7.3 – _Detour Design

During the demolition and construction of the new bridge Rail road flat road will need to be closed. Figure 10 shows the detour route that will be available for traffic while the project is being completed. This detour will add approximately an extra of 20 miles for consumers. For northbound traffic the detour will start at the south end of Rail Road Flat Road. Instead of driving East on Rail Road Flat Road, traffic will head west on Mountain Ranch Road and continuing west on HWY 49. Traffic will continue to follow on HWY 49 until they come to North HWY 26 at which time they will turn right on Ridge Drive and continue driving until they to Rail Road Flat Road. At this time they will be able to continue their route. For Eastbound traffic, the detour route will be the reverse of the previous detour. 


Design Institutional Affiliation Student Name Date Detailed Design The bridge to be set in place is to be cast into a final form prior to transporting it and its accompanying parts by ship to the site for installation. It will be made of reinforced concrete and be of Single Slab Single Span type of bridge system, implying that the bridge will be simply supported at both ends as to achieve excellent strength. It will be the responsibility of the senior design team to work in conjunction with the bridge’s Tech Sales Engineer with an objective of coming up with the detailed des


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