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PROJECT DESCRIPTIONProject Introduction:This project is designed as a culmination of the learning process for Forensic Technology. Each elementof the process will be discussed as a part of this course. For this project, you will demonstrate the basicsteps for processing a crime scene, including the completion of a crime scene report. You will assume therole of the forensic technician. Complete the various elements of crime scene processing for your projectas the topics are covered throughout the course.Course Objectives Tested:1. Describe the role of a forensic technician in the criminal justice system.2. Demonstrate procedures for collecting physical and biological evidence.3. Analyze blood spatters documented at a crime scene.4. Explain the procedures for collecting gunshot residue evidence.5. Demonstrate how to use a trajectory kit.6. Explain the procedures for collecting arson evidence.7. Apply best practices to process firearms and death evidence.8. Create photos with correct lighting to capture accurate information and relational evidence.9. Evaluate physical evidence to reconstruct a crime scene.10. Describe how to identify illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia and how to document drug use at acrime scene.11. Explain the fundamental principles of fingerprinting.12. Identify research and trends that will affect the future of forensic technology.13. Explain the methods for excavating buried remains.14. Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library to research topics related to forensics.PROJECT SUBMISSION PLANDescription/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation CriteriaTask 1: Using the ITT Tech Virtual Library, locate a news account orother written account of the crime: the abduction and murder ofJessica Lunsford. This should be detailed enough to provide theinformation required for processing a crime scene and locating theappropriate amount of evidence. You need to identify the locationwhere Jessica Lunsford was held following her abduction as well asthe site where her body was buried. Your project will be based onthese facts and the proper processing of these scenes.Click here to view the gradingrubric for this assessment.CJ2570: ProjectPage 2Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation CriteriaTo research the murder of Jessica Lunsford, start by researchingJohn Couey, the convicted killer of Jessica Lunsford. Follow this path:ITT Tech Virtual Library> School of Study> Criminal Justice>Databases> LexisNexis Academic.ProQuest, ProQuest Criminal Justice, ProQuest Newstand, and theCriminology data bases are also helpful reference sources.Task 2: Create a mock crime scene scenario based on the crime.Take notes as you would if you were a forensic technician in the field.You may type your notes into your Word document or scan yourhand-written notes into a file and submit those.Task 3: Document your activities from “Call Out and Briefing” through“Final Walk Through.”Task 4: Process your crime scene in the manner described inChapter 6: Crime Scene Processing. Indicate whether or not a searchwarrant would be required for the scene. If so, describe the process.Task 5: Locate, collect, and process the evidence. You shouldinclude at least three of the following types of evidence, processed,collected, and documented as appropriate. You should submit anevidence report of each item used in your case.Fingerprint evidenceBlood evidenceTrace evidenceImpression evidenceFirearms evidenceo GSR—Discuss the process required for your case,including suspect/victim processing.o Trajectory—Include a simulation of the use of atrajectory kit.Entomological evidence—Discuss the role of the evidence inyour case and provide a description of proper processingmethods.CJ2570: ProjectPage 3Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation CriteriaPhysical evidence—Discuss the role of physical evidence andexplain the difference between class and individualcharacteristics.Task 6: Document the role of forensic photography in the processingof your crime scene.Task 7: Write a crime scene report on the crime scenario that youhave developed using your notes and the appropriate report format.Task 8: Create a final crime scene diagram using SmartDraw. Thelocation of each element of evidence should be indicated on yourcrime scene diagram.The deliverables for this project include:Article or other source for the crime, including a summary ofthe crime and a reference citation in the reference listField notes, including the rough sketch from your crime sceneinvestigationCrime scene report detailing the elements of the crime, tasksperformed by personnel, and the evidence collectedEvidence report for each item of evidenceDescription of the role of forensic photography that would berequired (may be included in crime scene report)Crime scene diagram using Smart DrawSubmission Requirements:Submit the above requirements as a Word document. The project willbe evaluated on the following components: Completion of requiredtasks and deliverables, use of SmartDraw, proper collection anddocumentation of evidence, use of proper grammar, and overallquality of writing.Due: Week 6Grading Weight: 25%

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