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The culminating assignment, the master’s capstone project, is an opportunity to integrate and apply your knowledge and skills as an organizational leader to a practical research issue in the form of a literature review. The focus of your review is a topic or issue relevant to your master’s degree specialization and career interests. The topic or issue may also be applicable to an actual problem or needed improvement in your workplace.

The topic or problem that you choose should be meaningful, i.e., significant, but also narrow enough to be manageable within the constraints of time and available resources. Additionally, your review needs to be logical, concise, clear, coherent, and contain substantial evidence based on previous research. Organize the components of your literature review article as follows:
•Title. In 10 to 12 words, simply and succinctly summarize the focus and main idea of your review. A running head on your title page or other pages of your review is not necessary.
•Author’s Name and Institution Affiliation. See APA, section 2.02, pp. 23-24 for format guidelines.
•Abstract. Follow the guidelines presented in APA, section 2.04, pp. 25-27, for abstracts. Typically, abstracts are brief – 150 to 250 words in length. Begin your abstract on a new page.
•Introductory Statement. Begin your review on a new page. Be sure to use page numbers. Briefly, begin your review with the following: 1.A concise, yet compelling statement that draws the reader into your work. Why should your reader(s) read further
2.A clear and coherent statement of your topic, i.e., the focus of the remainder of your review and the key ideas.
3.A context statement that briefly, but specifically, describes the environment of the research topic or issue. Situate your topic or issue within the wider body of organizational leadership literature.
4.A significance or needs statement providing justification or the rationale for your review. What is the value to the academic and/or professional community for your review?
5.A clear statement of your thesis; what is the problem or question that needs to be addressed?
6.A forward looking organization statement briefly informing your reading audience about what will follow.
7.Describe the review strategies and methods that you used to gather information and identify relevant resources, i.e., data. What data bases did you use? What key search terms did you use? How many studies did you screen and select? What agencies or persons, if any, did you contact? What inclusion and exclusion criteria did you apply? How many studies did you exclude and include?

•Body of the Review. Critique the literature reviewed. Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize, a minimum of 10 studies. What is known about your topic or research issue? Support your thesis by reporting, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating the literature that you surveyed. Discuss the findings, highlighting areas of agreement, disagreement, design differences, sample differences, methodological differences, and/or controversies.
•Summary, Conclusions, and Implications.
Begin by restating your thesis. Analyze your thesis by providing a complete interpretation. Briefly, summarize and discuss factual conclusions based on your review. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your review. Present the implications of your findings. What is the academic and/or practical impact of your findings? What future research or practical directions do you recommend be pursued?
•References On a separate page, provide a complete and accurate list of reference citations for the studies you reviewed. Accurate use of APA form and style is required.

Your entire review article should be approximately 10-15 pages in length, not including the CUC assignment cover sheet, title page, the abstract, or list of references. The entire review must be in complete and accurate APA format and style, grammatically and mechanically correct, and well organized and coherent

TOPIC: Progression and the Historical Role of Black Women in Higher Education

This literature review should describe what is known about African American women leadership roles and equality and how these roles have evolved over the years. Describe African American womens’ past while comparing and contrasting details based on previous research and studies done on the topic. Make generalizations based on the research, form a hypothesis of what the future of women leadership will look like decades to come.

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