Jul 22, 2017

Programs for U.S. Military families

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Programs for U.S. Military families


Paper should be double spaced and include abstract You are a helping professional asked to design a program to help support military families in the area of Sexual Assault and Harassment.: Submit by Day 6 a 4 page paper in which you accomplish the following: o Describe the topic you selected and explain what you find most interesting about the topic. o Describe issues related to this topic including common challenges and stressors associated with it that might cause military families to need services. o Identify what demographic information you would need to know and why this information is critical in forming a program. o Describe the skills and sensitivities you would need to be able to develop this program. o Explain what elements of military culture you would need to take into account as you develop the program. o Explain your design for a resource program to address the needs and issues you have identified. Include how your particular program design would support military families.

Programs for U.S. Military familiesNameCourseInstructorDate The program should look into mental health counseling, prevention and elimination of sexual assault and assessment for military families. This topic is interesting as the Department of Defense has highlighted on the issue of sexual assault and harassment, but less attention has been given to the military families. Essentially, a more personalized program could make a difference in the cases reported on sexual offences affecting military families Other than this it is necessary to highlight that protection of victims, plays a critical role towards ensuring accountability and wellbeing of victims. A culture that is seen as pro active in protecting the safety of military personnel veterans and military families is more likely to receive support from military families. This is a proposed program to help support military families in the area of Sexual Assault and Harassment The mental services unit is critical to the success of the program, whereby there is a need to offer psychosocial services that serve the needs of the population. The services to be provided require primacy care providers and counselors to be in the forefront training and advocating for the rights of military families. Hence, to achieve, the program’s objectives it is necessary to provide assistance for the targeted group, and if not possible refer them to the appropriate authorities. Essentially, collaborative efforts help to ensure the responsibility of ensuring the community’s psychological wellbeing is understood by personnel involved in the program. It is also imperative that all military leaders are engaged and accountable for preventing sexual assault and harassment cases among members (US Army, n.d)One of the challenges when dealing with military families is that they may find it hard to cope with the military personnel who have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Hall, 2010). Hence, it is challenging to reassure family members that things can change, and they can be able to handle military men and women with PTSD. The military men may feel as if things can never be the same again while the family members have to deal with supporting and using the appropriate coping skills where possible to help the people cope. This necessitates the need for adequate training to enable acquisition of coping skills for representatives of military families, as it is not feasible to train and educate all the members. Sexual harassment can lead to emotional distress a...

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