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Program Development and Evaluation

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Funding opportunities will be available in the next 6 months from the Victorian Department of Health. The funding may be available, for projects up to two years for the implementation of innovative preventive and promotional strategies targeting diverse population groups at high risk of being affected by diabetes, licit and illicit drug use, cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, cardiovascular diseases. However, projects are not included in the above areas but are innovative and align to Department’s strategic direction may also be considered. Partnerships across sectors are strongly encouraged, which may include hospitals, the criminal justice system, children and family welfare groups, community health agencies, Indigenous community-controlled organizations, mental health groups and homeless services.

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • Attitudinal and social impact and the cost effectiveness of the project with the target group
  • How the project adds value to the health sector; and
  • Evidence to demonstrate the need for project and the significance of the approaches strategies proposed in the project.

Your organization is planning to submit an application for funding to address one or few of the problems identified in the last annual review. Before the project plan and application can be developed, as a project officer of your organization, you are assigned to conduct a needs analysis to inform the formulation of project ideas and the development of project proposal. Upon completion of the needs analysis, you are asked to report on the findings including the information generated from the below steps.

To complete the assigned task within 5 weeks on top of your current workload, you may need to take the following 5 steps:

1.To identify an organization that may auspice the project (organization that you are currently working for or you are familiar with)

2. To identify a problem (problems) for investigation;

3. To gather evidence to justify the needs for and significance of addressing the problem(s).You also need to take into consideration the availability / capacity of the current services in addressing similar problems. Therefore, a service gap analysis may be conducted.

4. To identify and prioritise possible strategies/approaches in addressing the problem(s) informed by available and up-to-date evidence;

5. To make suggestions on what are the best strategies/approaches to be adapted to addressing such problems. Although no extensive amount of details are required, you do need to justify such recommendations based on a number of considerations: such as organization’s capacity, organization’s strategic direction, acceptability to target population, costs etc.

What do you need to include the assignment?

Part One: to be completed prior to conducting the needs analysis and writing up the report

1. In a short paragraph (no more than 250 words), brief the problem(s) that you have noticed/identified which form the focus of your investigations. When explaining the problems, please ensure population that are affected by the problem is clearly determined.

2. In a table (refer to Table 1), please list the key steps you would take to gather information and evidence to assist you with addressing the steps 3, 4 & 5 listed above. Potential sources where you would identify the information and evidence from should be clearly explained.

Please note, you are expected to develop Part one before conducted the investigation. No justifications of why specific steps are developed to conduct the investigation are expected. Therefore, no definition and references are required.

Part Two:

3. Within 600 words, please detail the problem(s) identified with evidential support. You need to clearly justify why there are such problems, the significant impacts attributed by the problems or should the problems not be addressed. Please ensure the specific population group(s) affected by the problems is clearly defined. You also need to discuss whether there have been efforts in addressing the problems. If yes, what is the current service capacity in addressing the problems and what are the gaps for further interventions or services. If no, you need to discuss why these problems have not been addressed by current efforts/services.

4. Within 600 words, please discuss all relevant approaches/interventions that have the potentials to effectively addressing the identified problems and/or minimizing the significant negative impacts of such problems. At the end of this section, you would recommend (with justification) the best approaches/interventions to be adopted by the organization in addressing the problems

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