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Professional Code of Conduct

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Professional Code of Conduct

I am a nursing student. The paper is in relation to the health care field Topic of the midterm: Professional Code of Conduct Using their respective professional code of conduct , students will develop a 5 page paper identifying the principles of ethics contained within their Code. They will analyze and explain those principles in light of the readings and discussions covered in class: in Health Care Ethics (5th ed.) ("Principles of Autonomy and Informed Consent/"Beneficence and Nonmaleficence"/"Ethics of Distribution"/ "Principles of Confidentiality and Truthfulness"/ "Professional Standards and Institutional Ethics"); They will write, in their own words, what their responsibilities towards their patients are from an ethical perspective and will indicate any conflict of interest. If applicable, the student will describe what procedures are already in place in their workplace to handle ethical conflict. If no procedures are in place, the students may suggest how such procedures may be set up. You will be turning in this paper to the assignment box AS WELL as Some more Instructions for the Midterm: 1. Find the professional code of ethics at your workplace. This will work if you are employed in a healthcare setting. All hospitals and medical centers have a code of ethics. If it is difficult for you to locate this, then use the code of ethics for the profession which you will be entering, in most of your cases: nursing or vascular sonography. The American Nurses Association code can be found at their website. 2. Look through the code (whichever it is you are using, or if you wish, a combination of codes, etc). Look at each provision. While reading the provisions, Garrett et al. (the textbook for the class) will come to mind quite often. You will see that many of the provisions you will find in your code of ethics will have elements of the principles you have been studying in the Garrett text. 3. It would be helpful in this assignment to condense the provisions into areas which resonate of the principles in the Garrett book. For example, you will see that there is always a provision that refers to the principle of autonomy, informed consent; there`s usually one that talks about ethics of distribution, another that talks about institutional ethics, etc. 4. You do not have to go through each and every single one of the provisions; only the ones that are most similar in relation to the text. You`ll also notice that you can group the provisions into different categories. Often, more than one provision will discuss informed consent and privacy, for example. That being said, I will not accept a paper that concentrates on only ONE or TWO provisions or principles. 5. Please do not write each provision down word for word. Try to condense them in your own words as best you can. If you just state the provisions as they are in the code, you are essentially turning in a string of quotes and not a paper. 6. Please do not use examples from the case studies already covered in class. 7. A word about academic honesty: I will not tolerate plagiarism. I use, which searches thousands of websites and papers. Use APA style and make sure you are citing everything that is not your own. Even if you paraphrase somebody else`s words, you still have to tell me where you got the information from, so give me the author and year (Smith, 2003) in in-text citations. It is YOUR Job to understand what constitutes plagiarism. Familiarize yourselves through I cannot stress this enough. If you copy even a sentence from another source and do not cite it correctly, you will receive a failing grade on the assignment.
Professional Code of ConductNameCourseProfessorDate The codes put down in this paper will act as the principles that guide my career activities. This will act as the foundation and source of obligation to offer the best services to all my clients and improve the medication procedures in my hospital premises. This will check my behavior and enhance my professionalism.I will accord respect to all personalities in my line of duty. This is through being patient and cautious in all my nursing operations. I will equally accord respect to all persons despite their physical or social status, Ross, King and Firth (2005). All people`s dignity will be cultivated in the course of the working. Gentleness and kindness will be the pivot to my service delivery. I will serve patients with humility without the use of abusive or rude verbal communication to them. I will honor the status of individuals and serve them without intimidation or harassment. I will create mechanisms to allow more communication between my patients and use their names when referring to them rather than their ailment, American Nurses Association (2001). I will Work as per the requirements stated in the nurse code of conduct and accord respect to people`s social and cultural beliefs. This will reduce the conflict instances with patients and my co-workersI will give Respect to Patients` privacy at all circumstances. This is through not sharing patients` medical information to the public but only to medical professional who may have positive interest in the information. I will keep patients` identity a secret in words or writing even when there is no enough justification to do so, Ross, King and Firth (2005). Further, ...

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