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(: Exemplary_Professor001 Only) Logistic Based upon your reading of the materials giving, and your own additional research, prepare an essay discussing the use of infectious disease as a weapon of international terror.  You should address the following questions: 

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of microbes, vis-à-vis destructive “hardware” such as guns and bombs?
  • What would be the characteristics of an ideal “weapon bug?”  Things to consider:
    • Vector (i.e., carried by people, animals, in foodstuff, on other goods?)
    • Lethality
    • Transmissibility (ease with which it is spread)
    • Mode of transmission (airborne, direct contact, indirect contact)
    • Arrival mode (airplane, ship, on foot)
    • Based upon the above, select an organism. Explain your selection.
    • Describe the most effective countermeasures.
    • What precautions, if any, should logistics companies take, in addition to those prescribed by government regulation?  Explain.

Make full use of sources.


The sources listed below provide a starting point; you should search the Web for additional information.  Follow some of the links embedded in the sources.  Use a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to locate sources containing key words and concepts.



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