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Primary Chronicle: Information on Early Russian Society

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Primary Chronicle: Information on Early Russian Society


Write 450-550 words about the prompt below. 
What information can one discover about early Russian society from the Primary Chronicle excerpt? 
Link for Primary Chronicle excerpt:
Please take the time to organize your thoughts in a logical manner and cite evidence to support your analysis. Please be sure to read the short background information and study questions accompanying the Russian Primary Chronicle. 
Link for background information:
Here`s a short video link for Song of Roland:
It may help a bit.


Information on Early Russian Society Institution Date Introduction This paper analyzes information the Primary Chronicle excerpt about the early Russia and the background to provide discernible information about the early Russian society. Early Russian society The exempt provide information on the formation of ruling system in the early Russian society and how the prince struggles to change the culture from idol worshiping to religion. The Russians can be traced to the end of Noah floods when the so


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