Aug 05, 2017

Presenting Information in words & images. Reflective report

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Presenting Information in words & images. Reflective report

First assignment you have to creative a section of a College based (UCB) magazine for 4 pages. Plagiarize someone`s idea is not permit. Second assignment is a reflective report for 1650 words. There are some questions in the attachment. Pleas following all the requirements in the attachment.p.s. References should be include in the report. First assignment use the file "images" and the second assignment should be write on report format and answer all the questions in the attachment also point by point. (Please aware those two assignments are connected, you should according to the first assignment and then write the second assignment also answer the questions.)
Presenting Information in Words and ImagesName:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due: Presenting Information in Words and ImagesEmotional Shoes with PanicThese are normal shoes but the artwork had been deployed on the same shoes to give an expression of panic. In this case, the shoes represent the face of a human being with features such as the eyes, teeth, tongue and mouth. The artistic depiction in these shoes gives an impression of a human face that is under panic.Emotional Shoes with SadnessIn this case, artistic work had been employed in normal shoes in depicting sadness on the human face. The artistic work has been applied on the shoes opening with a serious human face giving an impression of a sad human being.Emotional Shoes with SilenceIn this situation, artistic work has been employed on shoes to illustrate silence or deep human meditation. Though the faces appear different from one another, they show the same expression of sadness and silence and mediation. Emotions shoes with happy and unhappy expressionsBy use of an artistic approach, shoes here are used to express either, a sad or a happy expression as shown above. The first shoe expresses sadness or seriousness while the second expresses happiness.Reflective ReportIntroductionThe subsequent part of this paper is my reflection on I want to incorporate this idea of emotional shoes. This is also an overview of the stages I have gone through in reaching the level am at present in relation to this idea. This was initiated by my past and current emotional experiences. Past Images and experiences that have influenced My WorkA Lifetime of images that depict life expressions has greatly influenced me with regards to the idea of emotional life. My family roots are in United Kingdom, and many artists in this region work instinctively with readily available materials. In other words, they use simple materials to relay information. An artist could use common elements such as utensils, clothes, nature and so on to illustrating many aspects in life. This also influenced me to use simple and common elements as in shoes to portray various expressions of emotions. This owes to the fact that shoes are common elements which majority of people are not only conversant but are in possession of. The expression of my idea depicts an example of how simple materials, in this case shoes could be used to illustrate information in different aspects.The reason why I ventured into this idea of emotional shoes in relaying emotions is that it also depicts the moods and attitudes of my parents in life. There were times when they could be happy, sad, panicking or meditating about some personal issues, so this could be expressed as a psychological heritage. I admired the seriousness and ego of my parents when they were performing their duties as well as when they were at their jovial mood. My father especially clearly worked in the field, which he loved and could appear happy while in his duties. My mo...

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