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Portfolio Construction

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Portfolio Construction


Portfolio Construction

You will be developing a simple portfolio that will be used for analysis over the following five weeks. This will also be used in your in-depth analysis of the entire portfolio for the Week Six Final Paper. You are given $10,000 to allocate to a portfolio. You must allocate 100% of your portfolio to the following securities: 

One hundred shares of a publicly traded company; 

One corporate bond; 

One mutual fund that reflects your investment style; 

One hundred puts or calls of one option of your choosing (just make sure it is at least 6 months out); 

With any leftover cash, find a 6-month certificate of deposit (CD) and “invest” the funds into it. 

Develop a table in Excel that can be used to track the value of these securities. Describe your objective(s) for this portfolio and why you chose the securities you did for your portfolio. Your paper must be a two to three double spaced pages in length (excluding the title page and references page) and be formatted according to  APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your paper must include at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the text.

It needs specific detail. Here is a breakdown of the issues.

This is very generalized information about allocating 100% of resources in different investment markets.

Allocation can be as below:

5%-Money Market.

25%-Domestic Fixed Income.

20%-International Fixed Income.

10%-Large Cap Growth.

15%-Large Cap Value.

10%-Small/Mid Cap.

15%-International Equity.

Diversification is important because it minimizes the risk of investment. Allocating $3000,$3000 and $4000 to One hundred Shares of a company, one corporate bond and one mutual fund respectively, can be a way to construct this portfolio.

This is exactly what I need. ($10,000 is divided over multiple investments)

One hundred shares of a publicly traded company; -- I need to choose a specific company that is publicly traded that I can purchase 100 shares in. I need company name that I`ve chosen, current stock price, and beta of this specific publicly traded company.

One corporate bond-- I need to purchase 1 corporate bond from a specific source/company and state who that company is and how much the bond costs.

One mutual fund that reflects your investment style-- I need to invest in 1 mutual fund and tell what mutual fund I`ve chosen to invest in and also how much I can invest remembering that I only have $10,000 dollars to split between all these investments. 

One hundred puts or calls of one option of your choosing (just make sure it is at least 6 months out); I need to invest into 100 puts or calls of whatever company I choose but it must be at least 6 months out and I must tell how much I invested and where it was invested specifically remembering that all these investments must never exceed $10,000 combined 

With any leftover cash, find a 6-month certificate of deposit (CD) and “invest” the funds into it -- With any cash that I have remaining from the original $10,000 I must invest it into a 6-month certificate of deposit. and tell how much was remaining to invest in a certificate of deposit and where I chose to invest specifically.


Portfolio Construction Name: Subject: Date of Submission: Portfolio Construction Donaldson et al, (2013) reveal that a sound investment portfolio is guided by a set of objectives that define the goals of the investment portfolio. Therefore, it is reasonable to set objectives before choosing appropriate vehicles for investing $10,000 dollars in order to generate income. It is notable that the objective for the upcoming investment portfolio was to generate income by balancing the safety and returns of a $ 10,000 investment using appropriate investment vehicles. It i


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