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Portfolio Assignment

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Human Resource Development: Portfolio Assignment


Portfolio Assignment

For the purpose of this portfolio project, you will play the role of an HR Specialist.  In this role, you will design a selection process for a specific job.  The outcome of this portfolio project will be a proposal, which details the design of the selection process you are recommending for a specific job.  You can choose a job in your current organization, your current job, or a job that you have held in the recent past.  Regardless of the job you choose, you will need access to a Subject Matter Expert (not you) so you can conduct a job analysis. If you do not have access to an organization (and consequently an SME), you can request a case be provided by the instructor; however, it is to your benefit to select one of the prior options.

In order to design a selection process, you will apply the knowledge gained, and the tools that are introduced during this course. Specifically, you will:

1. Conduct a job analysis utilizing one or more of the following methods:  interview, questionnaire, observation.  In all instances, you will need access to a subject matter expert (SME) which can be a job incumbent, a supervisor, or another individual who has detailed knowledge about the job.

2. Create a job description, using the form provided, or designing your own.

3. Design three selection assessments, which include

a. Screening interview questions

b. Behavioral interview questions for a face to face interview (either one on one or group)

c. One job‐related simulation or performance‐based test

4. For each of the three selection assessments, develop assessment criteria for making decisions to move job applicants forward in the process (or not) and ultimately hiring the candidate.

5. Create a Selection Process Flow Chart indicating the sequential steps involved in the process.

6. Create a proposal for your Selection Process, following the “Sample Selection Process” document provided.  The proposal is intended for the organization for which you created the selection process (this is your “audience”). The proposal MUST include: a) the job analysis, b) job description, c) selection assessments and criteria, and d) a flow chart of steps involved in the selection process.  While the proposal will be submitted for a grade in this course, you are not required to submit the proposal to the organization, unless you choose to do so!

For project details, see the Portfolio Project Description, which can be accessed from the week 8 assignments page. 

Human Resource Development: Portfolio Assignment Name:Institution:Date:Job Analysis InterviewQuestionnaire for a Quality Assurance TechnicianApplicant: Carefully review the questionnaire before answering any questions. If you feel a question is irrelevant and does not apply to the position you have applied for you may write “DNA.” No extra sheets are required. 1 Employee Name: 2 Job Title: 3 Telephone Number: 4 EMAIL Address: 1 Why are you interested in this position?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Why do you feel you are best suited for this position?____________________________________________________________________ 3 Indicate a situation where you had to handle multiple problems (what were the problems & how did you handle them)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 Have you ever experienced priorities that are conflicting? YES NO 5 If YES, how did you schedule your activities for quality assurance?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 During the monitoring of corrective action, what methods do you use or would you apply to ensure every detail is incorporated in the action?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 Have you ever identified an error in operations? YES NO 8 If YES, provide a brief description of the error and how you identified it.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9 Have you ever persuaded a manager on a certain activity that relates to quality assurance? YES NO 10 If YES provide a brief description of t...

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