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Population Health Inputs and Their Effects

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Population Health Inputs and Their Effects


The purpose of this report is to analyse how inputs and outputs determine (affect) the health of a population. 

The report must include an introduction, which is a summary of the main points, and a conclusion which will act as a concluding key statement. A Reference list in APA 6th reference style is to be attached.

The inputs are what are put into the system, including information from the economy and the environment. What could this mean. Inputs are financial, physical structures, supplies, equipment, human resources, personnel and clients. Inputs involve resources in the form of people, expertise, materials, energy, facilities and funds. Raw materials include finances, policies, facilities,commodities and time.

Output is what leaves the system. Outputs are the results obtained after running an entire process these include the outcomes or by products of the systems activity that are returned to the environment the goods or services that a system produces. Outputs are the end result of an organizations efforts that is delivered or provided to the patient or clients.


Population Health Name: Institution: Course: Date: Population Health System Measure of the population health the distribution and the causes is one of the most subtle elements health care development in terms of evidence and policy formulation. This also provides the backdrop against which the health care systems and the intervention programs are evaluated and redefined. One of the underlying aspects on this aspect, is that health is one of the most complex elements of the population characteristics and takes a multidimensional form and thus requires a number of metrics to establish the measure (Remmert, 2011). However, one of the simplest ways to establish the health of a population is through the aggregation of data from individuals and generate the statics that can be used in reference to a certain population at a certain point in time or period. Population health like most other complex systems has inputs and outputs, all of which affect the system in a varying number of ways, at complex levels of integration. The population health system is thus affected by a number of inputs which include aspects such as financing, policies, commodities, facilities, time and human resources (McDowell, Spasoff, & Kristjansson, 2004). At the end of the system there is the outputs which are elements that leave the system which in this case include the outcomes and byproducts of the system (Vassie & Fuller, 2003). In this case, what is delivered in terms of health care to...

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