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Population Demographics

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Population Demographics


You may use your course materials (notes, readings) during the exam. Do not use outside materials. Your work on the exam should be your own.

These essay questions are designed to test your understanding of social demography as well as your critical thinking on social demographic topics. To demonstrate your understanding and critical thinking, I suggest that you do the following in your answers:

1. Organize your essay around an argument (or thesis statement) that provides a clear and compelling answer to the question. 

2. Support that argument with evidence from relevant course materials.

3. Make logical links between the evidence you use and the argument you are making. In other words, make it clear how and why the evidence you use in your essay supports your argument.

4. When relevant, acknowledge limitations and/or counter-positions to your argument, and explain why your argument is still valid in the face of these limitations and/or counter-positions.


1. In “Mother: Caring for 7 Billion,” a doomster argument about population growth is presented, namely that population growth is a problem for the environment and for human wellbeing. The primary solutions offered in the movie are women’s empowerment and family planning. Write an essay assessing this position and/or its solution. You may choose to focus on both the position and the solution or one or the other in answering this question.

• ***Whether population growth is a problem***

• The film is saying Population growth is a problem

• The evidence → a lot of people in poverty

• The system of domination, women relative, a lot of environmental issue 

• Power women to take control of their lives, and provide assess to family planning

• If you agree the 7 Billion, you have to argue the doomster

• Not doomster, but optimistic view would be 

• We share resources we will be fine – 

• You will argue the Marx or interesting argument that new women thoughts are new domination


Population demographics Student Name Institutional Affiliation Date World population hit 7 billion in 2000s. The figure has raised alarm and according to UN estimates; population is projected to be around 9.1 billion by 2050 (Haub & Gribble 2011). World resources remain constant and like the film, mother: caring for seven billion portrays, world resources are confined to few people hence leaving majority of the population having little to share. The film further stipulates well that resources need to be shared to reach the hungry and economically who do not meet their basic needs on a daily basis. This essay has been written to support what the film stipulates evaluati


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