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Pop Music Influences

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Pop Music Influences


Unit VII Essay

Cultural Media Perspective

As you have learned from this unit, the views and opinions within culture began evolving during the 60s and 70s. Taking

this into consideration, choose an individual subject, title, or artist from the list of eligible media genres below. Next,

assess the role that your topic played as a response to the cultural evolution surrounding the Cold War, Vietnam, and

reform in the United States. Finally, synthesize the outcome of the topic you choose in regards to role it played on leisure

and culture within the United States then, and how your selected message or artist is viewed today.

Choose an individual subject, title, or artist from the list of eligible media genres below:

 Songs (which might include a selection from):

o Anti-War/Protest

o “Pop-Music”

o Motown

 Reform minded publications

 Controversial movies/television shows

The final product should be a 500 word minimum essay which identifies your topic, selection, and medium. In addition, a

minimum of two (2) reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced in APA format–only one of which can be an

assigned book (text or source). Appropriate selections can include music, poetry, literature, cinema, television, theatre,

articles (from a distinguished publication), or other major media which highlight the original subject.

Encyclopedias (online or print), message boards, or any source that can be amended without educated review are not

considered appropriate. Failure to use appropriate resources, or resources that are available in CSU’s online library, can

lead to deductions. CSU librarians can help you with your research for this assignment.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Pop Music Influences Name: Institution: Introduction Pop music, as it is commonly known, came to life in the 60s. It is basically the short form of popular music and has a baseline in Rock and Roll, Urban, Latin and Dance. It is also one of the most influential music genres in the history of America and most parts of the world. Pop music also gave rise the cultural dynamics most of which are alive to date. Popular culture is now part of the community encompassing entertainment, magazines, newspapers, movies, television, books, comics art work, sports and of course music (Schifferes, 2005). All of this came after the industrial revolution as the society was gearing towards leisure and entertainment pro


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