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Policy: The Welfare State National Security and Terrorism

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 Policy: The Welfare State National Security and Terrorism


You will be responsible for writing and submitting a paper detailing the approach of one of our focus states (UK, France, Germany, Italy) to a major policy challenge facing Europe. It should be approximately five double-spaced pages in length; provide a basic summary of the state’s approach to the problem thus far; and ALSO provide a coherent and concise argument for the BEST approach to the problem, moving forward. The paper should demonstrate your own analysis based on multiple authoritative sources, not simply restate the position found in our primary text, if available. I encourage you to investigate and make use of outside sources (you MUST provide evidence in support of your position), and be sure to cite ALL paraphrased or quoted material using any accepted style guide and include a Works Referenced page. You may choose from the following issues/challenges:
Economic stability and success (particularly for those in the Eurozone)
Immigration and diversity
The Welfare State
National security and terrorism
Environmental issues and Climate Change


Policy Challenge Name Institute of Affiliation Date Policy Challenge Introduction The size and characteristics of immigration in United Kingdom have changed significantly. They are more mobile, diverse and numerous than before. Their experience is consequently different. The UK immigration policy has undergone radical changes. The forces exerted to the policy makers made them look at the illegality involved during immigration process. Immigration into United Kingdom is roughly estimated to be 150,000 net immigrants per yearCITATION Ver01 l 1033 (Vertovec, 2001). The newest set of immigration data shows that net migration to the UK for the year ending September 2015 had reached approximately 323,000 hovering just the historical peak 336,000 that occurred in the previous year 2014.The estimated percentage drop is therefore 4% below this spike. The net migration has risen by 12% since 2005 .The number of immigrants are drastically increasing year in year outCITATION Ger08 l 1033 (German & Fund, 2008). This paper shall focus on the immigration policies adopted by the UK and their effectiveness in regulation of immigration. The challenges that the government faces in implementing immigration policies shall be focused on and possible solutions suggested. Policy Regulations In 2010, the new UK government introduced an annual cap on the number of non-EU migrants entering the UK; with a limit on net migration of 100,000 per annum. These restrictions come in light of...

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