Jul 22, 2017

Policing Practices and Operations # 2

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Policing Practices and Operations


paper discussing policing practices and operations. Include an assessment of the following: • The relationship between traditional organizational structures of policing agencies • Communication patterns both within and outside the policing agency • Current trends in the approach to the policing function Identify any existing issues with the partnership between law enforcement and community. Recommend any necessary changes to improve partnerships between law enforcement and community. 5 sources and 5 in-text citations Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Policing Practices and Operations Student:Professor:Course title:DateIntroduction Security remains a right of every citizen which must be provided by the government of the day. Successive governments have endeavored to ensure that their citizens enjoy maximum security. This they have they effectively done by putting in place security agencies which ensure that law and order is maintained. While this may seem easy and smooth sailing as it theoretically sounds, there are various challenges encountered. The discussion herein below will in a general scope will consider the various practices of policing and their operations. Of keen interest in the discussion will be the manner in which organizational structures within the traditional set up of policing interacted and related with each other. It will also be important to focus on the various patterns of communication within the agencies of policing. It will also be imperative to focus on the various trends in modern day society that function of policing has taken while seeking to establish the various ways in which the policing agencies have partnered with members of society.Relationship of traditional organizational structures of policing agencies Security, just like other agencies in society has come of age. There are a lot of changes that have taken place over time owing to the dynamism in the society. The organizational structures of policing agencies in the traditional set-up would interact at a most basic level. A couple of years ago, technology, which is now part and parcel of today’s, were not there. The interpretation herein is that the measures that the policing agencies have put in place. Due to lack of efficient tools, the agencies would more often perform damage control as opposed to preventive actions (Hess, 2013). There were different groups of agencies that were mandated with different duties. Some would be in charge of patrols only while others would be incharge of responding whenever there was breach of security. Those in charge of patrol were expected to communicate with those in charge of response. Yet, the means of communication were sometimes impaired. This means that the level of response offered by policing agencies traditionally was no...

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