Please review/edit/provide feedback on my essay as I explain some of the methods

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Please review/edit/provide feedback on my essay as I explain some of the methods to restrict access to computers within your company.There is various reason why people always prevent unauthorized accessed to their computers. Some of the reasons which make this undertaking important include preserve integrity of confidential data, prevent deletion of important files, virus creation and installation of spyware. Therefore, it is important to restrict access to a computer for the sake of data. Data is the most important thing in a computer and cannot be install or changed like the operating system. This paper will look at the various methods used to restrict computer access.The first method is password setting. It is necessary to set up the protecting password apart from the default one. You should ensure that the characters chosen cannot be easily guessed by any other person. Set up an internal rule with your technology so that every sixty days the password must be changed. (Burke and Weill, pp. 294).Another method is the installation of a software or a hardware firewall. This technique offers protection to the computer when connected to the network. It can be set up from the network router. It prevents the incoming and outgoing of unauthorized data. It only does this to a computer in which it has been installed. Most of the antivirus scanners have their specifically developed firewall programs. Staff should know be communicated to never open attachments from people they don’t know, report strange emails, or emails that ask you to login via a link in an email. (Burke and Weill, pp. 296).The third method is the installation of antivirus software. This is also called the installation of spyware protection program. This method helps in preventing hackers from obtaining confidential information such as credit card data and passwords. Various malware such as spyware, viruses, and Trojans can help in monitoring the computer, and capture of these sensitive data by logging the keystrokes. And of course, there is always locking your computer whenever you step away from your desk. This is an easy approach that staff must be trained on repeatedly.It is, therefore, necessary to restrict access to unauthorized users to computers. There are many other methods that can be used to ensure that they are not mentioned in the paper. These methods are dependent on the other because most of them cannot work effectively on their own. The knowledge of these methods of preventing unauthorized access to a computer is important to computer owners. They will their exploit the dynamics to ensure that the data stored in the computer is safe and sound.

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