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Plant Anatomy

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Plant Anatomy


Choose two research articles from the list below. Read the two articles you chose as if you were a reviewer/editor for a scientific journal and were trying to decide whether to publish their findings.

Auxin Gradients Are Associated with Polarity Changes in Trees

Senescence in Plant Development

Manipulation of the Blue Light Photoreceptor Cryptochrome 2 in Tomato Affects Vegetative

Development, Flowering Time, and Fruit Antioxidant Content

Scientific American

Auxin as a Model for the Integration of Hormonal Signal Processing and Transduction

Genes & Development

Guar Seed ß-Mannan Synthase Is a Member of the Cellulose Synthase Super Gene Family

Control of Arabidopsis flowering: the chill before the bloom

Plant Development: Regulation by Protein Degradation

Cell Identity Mediates the Response of Arabidopsis Roots to Abiotic Stress

CO-FT Regulatory Module Controls Timing of Flowering and Seasonal Growth Cessation of Trees

Ethylene Modulates Stem Cell Division in the Arabidopsis Thaliana Root

The Loves of the Plants

Now write a 700 - 750 word summary and critique the two articles. In your paper briefly summarize the purpose and experimental design of each study and then take a position of "yes, I approve these studies for publication because…" or "No, I reject one or both studies but may reconsider if the following suggestions are implemented" and then back up your position with what you have learned in this course so far.


Plant anatomy Name Institution Article 1 “Auxin and the integration of environmental signals into plant root development” by Kemal Kazan The article discusses recent findings on how plants utilize an extremely vital plant hormone called auxin. Ideally, auxin is a versatile plant hormone that foster or act as mediator of environmental adaptation in plants. The article emphasizes on the recent findings to emphasize his point of how plants use this auxin as an aspect or mediator to modify their root system structure when responding to a biotic rhizosphere signals and other diverse biotic signals. The author narrows his perspective towards how auxin works by arguing that there are different systems of transporting auxin in plants. For instance, auxin that is synthesized in aerial tissues is transported systematically and locally throughout the plant. More so


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