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Photo Collage by Lisa Mathias with Images Courtesy of Dane Wirtzfeld

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 Photo Collage by Lisa Mathias with Images Courtesy of Dane Wirtzfeld


i need to analyse this article and give my opinion. Subject is geopolitics and international relations Article I need to analyze is attached

Nihilism, Fundamentalism, or Activism: PHOTO COLLAGE BY LISA MATHIAS WITH IMAGES COURTESY OF DANE WIRTZFELD, RICH AND MICHELLE LEGG, DALE ROBINS, AND JON HORTON / ISTOCKPHOTO.COM Widespread fears of an apocalyptic future elicit equally dangerous responses: nihilistic thoughts and decadent lifestyles that accelerate environmental destruction, or fundamentalist intolerance that exacerbates social-political conflict. The only safe approach to suspicions of the apocalypse is adaptation through activism. Three Responses to Fears of the Apocalypse By Richard Eckersley


Nihilism, Activism and Fundamentalism. Instructor: Institution: Date: The world today is turning into a rather dangerous place for many people. Though for some, it remains the ideal home of mankind. Desperation has slowly crept into the minds of the masses, to the extent that there is virtually no literal value for life, or the importance of human life has been degraded to some extent. On a daily basis, the headlines are always about death, bloodshed and suffering. Terrorism, epidemics, pandemics and catastrophes, are the main dishes on the global news menu. To some extent, there is fear and the diminishing importance of faith. The situation has made people start thinking about the end of times, as the world is continuously becoming uninhabitable. This scenario is well captured by Richard Eckersley in his article Nihilism, Fundamentalism, or Activism: Three Responses to Fears of the Apocalypse. In this article, Richard opines that there is a deep-seated fear in the minds of people, about the impending as well as the inevitability of the apocalypse, which has pushed people into three directions: towards nihilism, fundamentalism, and activism. He tries advocating for activism as the single source of hope and hence positivity, as opposed


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