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Personal Selling Sales Presentation

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Personal Selling Sales Presentation


When preparing the presentation, develop it as if you are the salesperson making a sales presentation to the purchasing agent of the prospect company. The prospect company must be a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer.

Sales Presentation Report:

All submitted work must be double-spaced, 12-point font, and one inch margins and conform to APA standards. This is a research project in addition to using the materials learned in class. Use a variety of sources such as books, industry journals, professional magazines, and newspapers as you prepare your report and presentation. A minimum of five (5) references must be used.

The written report must not exceed seven (7) pages, excluding title page and appendix which may include presentation graphics and any support documents.

Required information: please reference the item number in your report.

1. Your business card (computer-generated facsimile is acceptable) (see www.designyourowncard.com)

2. Your sales objectives (must be SMART)

3. A customer profile

a. company name, address, and website

b. business type

c. buyer’s name, telephone number, and e-mail address

d. people who influence buying decision or aid in selling your product and benefits sought

e. buying hours and best time to see buyer

f. receptionist`s name

g. buyer`s personality type

4. Approaches used and why (list categories: introductory, customer benefit, complimentary, demonstration, etc.) (minimum of two)

5. Demonstrations (explain)

6. Competitive analysis (must include your CA over them)

7. Customer benefit plan

a. Need, FAB (list Need 1/F1/A1/B1, Need 1/F2/A2/B2, etc.) (should match buyer’s needs)

b. Suggested purchase order and justification

8. Marketing plan (assist buyer in reselling)

9. Business proposition (e.g., profit forecast, ROI)

10. Persuasion techniques (e.g., suggestive proposition, prestige) used and why (minimum of two)

11. Negotiation strategy (e.g., bargaining chips, walk away-price, what you want in return, discounts, break-even analysis)

12. Anticipated objections (e.g., direct, boomerang) and handling techniques used and why (minimum of two)

13. Closing techniques used (e.g., probability, alternative) and why (minimum of two)

14. Sales presentation (single spaced) containing buyer and seller dialogue (must include one SELL technique) which must be labeled in bold print (e.g., trial close, persuasion, objections, SPIN, close), otherwise minus seven points off your written report grade.

Personal Selling Sales PresentationStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Business CardMy sales objectivesMy company is called Chespro Inc. whose core business is to design and build Enterprise Resource Planning systems, as well as business software solutions for manufacturing companies. My sales objectives are as follows:To provide knowledge to the buyer through features, advantages and benefits of my product, marketing plan, as well as business proposition after 40 minutes of the presentationTo sell my product – Manufacturing ERP software – to the customer within 30 days after the sales presentationTo help the client find a solution to their problem 40 minutes after the presentationTo convince the buyer/prospect in 40 minutes that my product is not only the best in the industry, but also that my company is the best source to purchase from. Customer profileThe company is Neapco Holdings, LLC located in Belleville, Michigan. The company’s website is HYPERLINK "http://www.neapco.com"www.neapco.com. Neapco Holdings manufactures automotive parts, which include drive shafts, suspension springs, drivelines, differentials, as well as driveline-related products for auto manufacturers in Europe and North America (Neapco Holdings, 2014). In essence, this company serves the farm equipment, commercial vehicle, construction machinery and automotive sectors. Buyer’s name and telephone number The name of the buyer who is actually a representative of the company is Keith Sanford. The telephone number of this individual is 734-447-1300 for the Belleville, MI office. The e-mail address is not disclosed. The personality of this buyer is that he is a dependable, independent and discreet person.People who influence buying decisionThese include: (i) Robert Hawkey, the Chief Executive Officer and President, Neapco Holdings, LLC. (ii) J. Robert Mangini, Chief Operating Officer, Neapco Holdings, LLC. (iii) Keith Sanford – this person is the president of Neapco Components (Neapco Holdings, 2014). The buying hours are 8:30am in the morning to 5:00pm in the evening. As such, the right time of seeing the buyer is between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. The receptionist’s name is not disclosed.Approaches used(i) Consultative problem-solving: Consultative problem-solving focuses on the problems of the prospect rather than the products of the seller. It also emphasizes the partnership of seller and buyer, and accentuates win-win outcomes in negotiations (Blume, 2013). Using this approach, I will carefully listen and ask questions that probe so as to obtain a full understanding of the problems and specific needs of the prospect, and then recommend the most appropriate alternative solutions. (ii) Demonstration: a demonstration would be performed that will let the prospect do something simple and uncomplicated. The demonstration will let the prospect perform something that is frequently repeated, and it will let the prospect work a vital feature of the ...

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