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Personal knowledge and experience

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Personal knowledge and experience


• Choose a topic from your personal knowledge and experience. Remember that you must utilize your first-hand experience to prove your authority to write on a topic. Purely generalized and/or factual information is not acceptable. • Write in your own words, from your perspective or point of view, using the pronoun “I.” • Capture your reader’s attention with an interesting introductory paragraph. • Use specific examples from your personal experience. • Use concrete or vivid words. • Use complete I am a male in the US, no college experience yet. So the topic should preferably maintain some form of that identity.

ProductivityName:Institution: Productivity is one of the terms that are used in quite a number of fields. While it may have a different meaning depending on the area of use, there is a relative resemblance in the elements it refers to. In most of the cases the differences are brought about by the expected outcomes that the term is used to refer to with close reference to the field or scenario of use. In academia it basically refers to the aspects revolving around achieving the best in all academic goals within the time stipulated. Like most aspect in life, academics are regulated heavily by timelines and goals that one has to achieve at the end of the time periods. When the goals stipulated at the specified level are achieved, students regardless of the stage are allowed to move on to the next stage. Achieving the goals stipulated does not just mean completion, rather it stipulates growth in various areas of the student involved. This means almost all the areas spanning from financial to social are affected. As such, productivity brings change and development in students. The ability to master ones capabilities of maximizing their productivity is the most crucial yard stick other than any other measuring elements.I have had a first had experience in trying to be productive in high school education. One of the aspects that I noted is that, the different levels of achievement within any of the given academic field, illustrate that, there are different levels of productivity. Different students have different abilities and the same is illustrated in the grading systems that have been put in place. Over the years there have been critics that do not believe the grading system brings out the abilities of the students and their productivity levels in their entirety. I too believe that productivity should be the core of any testing mechanisms in schools. I also believe that the productivity level can be affected by a number of factors and is not a clear indication of the students’ ability at the time of the tests. Regardless of the testing mechanisms, the...

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